Email No Longer a Secure Method of Communication After Critical Flaw Discovered in PGP

If you use PGP or S/MIME for email encryption you should immediately disable it in your email client. Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability they’re calling EFAIL that exposes the encrypted emails in plaintext, even for messages sent in the past. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Send You Encrypted Emails

Looks like Facebook is as wary of Big Brother as the rest of us. Facebook is testing an experimental encryption feature as a safeguard against surveillance. Read More >>

The Hells Angels are Old Pros at Encryption 

The Silk Road trial is back on, and we still don't know if Ross Ulbricht is going to go down for the crimes of the as-yet-unidentified Dread Pirate Roberts – the username of the person controlling the online marketplace. Today, the trial focused on DPR's interactions with the Hells Angels, who he allegedly hired to kill a rogue drug vendor. Read More >>

This Tool Makes Encrypting Files as Easy as Locking Your Door

Encryption options like PGP are great, but the labyrinth of keys and passwords that look like a master's thesis written in gibberish can be overwhelming. For simple exchanges, there's now an easier way. A Chrome browser extension called Minilock is offering a simple encryption option for people who want to make sure the files they send are safe. Read More >>