Why This Drop of Booze Looks Like a Galaxy

Anyone who’s imbibed a glass of ouzo—the licorice-flavoured spirit that is practically the national drink of Greece—may be familiar with how it turns cloudy when the liquor is mixed with water. But there are still some mysteries about how such mixed liquids behave. Read More >>

Why Dark Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand 

We all know what happens when a chocolate bar sits inside of a backpack on a really hot day: it melts, and even if it resolidifies, it will never quite look the same. But what if you could tailor your chocolate to have a higher melting point? Read More >>

Physicists Appear to Be Closing In On an Elusive State of Metallic Hydrogen

Hydrogen, that most simple of elements, is a gas — at least at the typical temperatures and pressures found here on Earth. But many scientists believe it it could exist in liquid metal form in the cores of gas giant planets like Jupiter, and physicists have been hunting for a solid metallic phase for the last 80 years. Read More >>

Consciousness May Be a Lot Like Making Coffee, Say Scientists

We tend to think of losing consciousness as an abrupt shutting down of our awareness of the world, like flicking a light switch. But it’s actually more of a gradual process. The best way to understand it is to brew a cup of coffee. Read More >>