I Can’t Believe I’m Going to Tell You to Buy This £360 Toothbrush

A regular old manual toothbrush can easily cost just a couple of pounds. You might have one in your bathroom right now, ready to tackle the plaque, and the coffee stains, and the bad breath that make its existence integral for modern living. But in our 21st-century society, it’s easy to spend much more on an electric toothbrush that does the same thing. Why on Earth would anyone want to do this? Read More >>

CES 2018: Philips’ New Headband Promises Better Sleep by Whispering in Your Ear All Night Long

You don’t need a scientist to tell you that a good night’s sleep is important to your health. Your body tells you that every time you try to climb out of bed after a late night. So to help maximise what sleep you are able to get, Philips has created a headband that plays special sounds designed to encourage your brain to remain in its most restful deep sleep state. Read More >>

Philips New LED Bulbs Change Colour With the Flip of a Switch

The Philips Hue system is one of the few smart home solutions that work as well as you need them to, having been around for quite a few years now. But if you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on the requisite wireless hub and colour-changing bulbs, Philips now has a cheaper alternative with its new SceneSwitch LED bulbs that don’t require any additional hardware. Read More >>

Philips Hue System Adds a Motion Sensor That Will Turn Your Smart Lights On Automatically

Before the idea of a ‘smart home’ came long, people had to actually walk over to a switch to turn lights on and off—it was barbaric. Now you can illuminate your entire house with just a few taps on a smartphone app, but Philips wants to make life even easier than that with a new motion sensor that automatically turns its Hue lights on and off for you. Read More >>

Philips Sonicare’s Mad New Toothbrush Maps Your Mouth and Improves Your Technique

Gadget, meet mouth. Mouth, meet gadget. Philips has gone all “Look at the future, isn’t it nice?” on us with the launch of the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, a connected toothbrush designed to help you get better at scraping bristles against your mouth bits, because it’s harder than it looks. Even the name’s a mouthful. Read More >>

Philips 43-inch 4K UHD Monitor is More Screen Than Your Computer Will Ever Need

The bigger the display, the more likely you'll see the benefits afforded by a 4K resolution's extra pixel count. But it's a rule that's usually attributed to TV sets, sat halfway across the living room, than right up close to a computer monitor. How anyone will be able to use Philips' new 43-inch 4K UHD monitor without their brain exploding is beyond me. Read More >>

Philips New Android Smartphone Includes — Wait, That’s Just a Voice Recorder?

It might look like a chunky smartphone with the design stylings and dimensions reminiscent of the original iPhone, but Philips’ new Android-powered SpeechAir is actually a dedicated voice recorder with a touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even a camera on the back. Read More >>

Philips Izzy BM5: Simple Multi-Room Speakers For Casual Listeners

Like sleeve tattoos and ugly-concealing facial fluff, multi-room speaker systems are just a bit popular right now. The world and its deaf dog has heard of Sonos, which seems to be the new thumping heart of every tech buff’s house and hip office I visit these days. Philips has jumped on the bandwagon (tourbus?) with its Izzy BM5 speakers. Read More >>

Slip This Tiny Bottle Charger in Your Pocket to Keep Your Phone Refreshed

There’s no law that says a portable charger has to look like a rectangular slab, so why do so many companies insist on sticking with that awkward form factor? Styled after a metal water bottle, Philips’ PowerPotion DLP3003 is just such a move from the norm. Read More >>

ces 2016
Listen to Wireless Audio All Over Your House With This Modular Philips Surround Sound System

If you’re looking for sweet new speakers to scatter around your patio, lounge, or Netflix binge dungeon, Philips’ has new Fidelio E6 wireless cinema speakers and a 90W subwoofer that can do just that. Read More >>

philips hue
Philips’ New Hue 2.0 Hub Gives Siri Control of Your Home Lighting

Philips has announced the newest incarnation of its smart light system, Hue. While the hub may have changed from a circle to a more rounded square, much is still the same — with one key exception — HomeKit. Read More >>

Kids Are Getting Addicted to an App-Enabled Toothbrush That Works Too Well

Philips Sonicare, the brand behind popular electronic toothbrushes, recently released a device that accomplished the inconceivable: it made oral hygiene so fun that kids want to stay on top of it. The new toothbrush proved a little addictive, though. Read More >>

Future “Triple A” Games to Get Philips Hue Lighting Synchronization

Microsoft's Illumiroom concept may have died the death, and we're still a little way away from consumer VR tech. But that doesn't mean you can't step up the level of immersion in your gaming sessions in the meantime. Speaking at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, Philips has told Gizmodo UK that it's currently working with a whole range of AAA games that will be able to sync up to its Hue lighting system, offering synchronized ambient lighting effects to match what's going on in-game. Read More >>

My Eyes Can’t Handle the Insanity of the Philips AmbiLux UHD TV

Despite the glitzy launches and top flight devices, it's all been a bit, well, safe at this year's IFA, especially around televisions. While other manufacturers focus on 4K delivery systems and HDR standards, it's taken Philips to deliver the conference's only truly barmy product. Sure, it's got the de rigueur 4K specs and a catwalk slim bezel, but the Philips AmbiLux UHD grabs your eyeballs by and puts them through some sort of kaleidoscopic interdimensional warp hole. Read More >>