Phillips Wants to Use Ambilight Tech to Prevent Cinema Piracy

There have been lots of measure implemented to try and stop people filming films from the back of a cinema, but it persists. Phillips has an idea, though, and wants to use its Ambilight tech to deliberately mess with pirate recordings. That's according to a recent patent filing anyway. Read More >>

Posture-Detecting Monitor Will Nag You If You Slouch

You spend your whole day staring at your monitor, but would it freak you out if your monitor was staring back at you? Phillips' new ErgoSensor display keeps an eye on your posture and provides suggestions on how you should sit to keep your back and eyes healthy. Read More >>

Share the iPad Love On Road Trips With Philips’ In-Car Screen Kit

One iPad, one car, three passengers: big problem. Don't worry, though, because Philips has just launched an extension kit which let's you share your media around the car easily. Read More >>