Watch This Funny Short About Finding a Phone Number By Trial and Error

How can you speak to your new romantic interest if you’ve lost part of their phone number? By ringing every possible remaining combination, of course. Read More >>

Yuilop Could Be the ‘Google Voice’ For the UK

For ages now our phone numbers have been completely tethered to the networks in the UK. In the US, though, Google Voice has given people a real phone number that's not tied to a particular contract or phone, allowing you to get calls or texts to any device, not just your phone and not just one phone either. Now Yuilop promises to do the same thing, and it's just become available in the UK. Read More >>

WhatsApp Violates International Phone Number Privacy Laws

WhatsApp, the instant messaging client beloved of people too cheap to text, appears to contravene international privacy laws because of the way it forces users to grant it access to their entire address book. Read More >>

The Wasteland of Forgotten Phone Numbers on Facebook Is Exposing Your Privacy

Do you remember the olden days of losing a phone? Crap! You lost all your contacts! What do you do? You probably didn't have a smartphone and you probably didn't sync your contacts, instead, you went to Facebook and told your friends to give you their numbers. Those phone numbers are still on Facebook. Read More >>