Automatic Phone and Broadband Compensation is Coming in 2019

If you've recently suffered a botched broadband installation or endured a long, internetless wait for line repairs, this won't help much as it doesn't kick in until 2019. But the good news for the sad disconnected people of the near future is that automatic compensation payments for interrupted services or delayed repairs are coming. Read More >>

The Phone Repairs You Probably Shouldn’t Try At Home

Having a broken phone is not a situation you want to be in for long but there’s always the question of whether to stump up the cash for a professional repair or have a go at fixing it yourself (assuming you’ve no insurance or warranty coverage). This should be your guide for deciding when to tackle some DIY repairs and when to leave it to the experts. Read More >>

Nokia’s 3310 Launches on May 24th

Nokia's return to the lumpen old days of "feature" mobile phones now has a UK price and release date, with the refreshed and relaunched Nokia 3310 costing ironic hipsters and very old people £49.99 -- and hitting the streets on May 24th. Read More >>

Police Paid Criminal’s £45,000 Phone Bill

North Wales Police has an unexpectedly huge £45,000 hole in its budget, after paying off an enormous phone bill that was run up by a criminal under its protection. Read More >>

Man Gets Stuck In Toilet While Trying to Get Friend’s Phone Back

It’s a cautionary tale and it’s one about letting the tech you love go. And not climbing into literal shit holes. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone For Every Need

“What’s the best smartphone?” It’s a question I hear at least once or twice a month. Read More >>

Why This iPhone 6 Costs More Than £34,000 [Updated]

What appears to be an iPhone 6 prototype popped up yesterday on eBay, and the current bid has already reached $7,100 (£4,865). [See updates below.] The seller, who describes the phone as “vintage,” said they bought it from a friend. It appears to be missing an FCC logo, serial number, and IMEI number: Read More >>

Time to Scrap Fixed Line Rental, Says Ed Vaizey

The UK's ISPs and phone companies are being summoned to the government's media office, where they will be asked to come up with methods and systems that might completely do away with the idea of paying a fixed line rental fee for a home telephone -- even if you never use it. Read More >>

Asus Zenfone Zoom Review: Taking a Closer Look at an Optical Zoom Phone

Your phone has been lying to you. Every time you zoom in to catch that perfect shot of that expensive gourmet burger you’re not actually zooming in. The software in your phone is really just cropping the image and blowing it up. To actually zoom your phone would need an optical lens, but the theory is that optical lenses tend to be too big, too bulky, and too delicate for a phone. The Asus Zenfone Zoom puts that theory to the test – much like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom – by cramming a 3x optical zoom lens into a phone not much thicker than Asus’s budget-friendly Zenfone 2. Read More >>

TalkTalk Loses 100,000 Callers After Hacking Scandal

Phone operator TalkTalk has released its latest set of financial figures, in which it makes frequent reference to the "cyber attack" that saw masses of subscriber data made public. It estimates that around 95,000 people dropped their contracts due to the hack, with overall subscriber numbers falling by 101,000. Read More >>

Police Redirect Festive Calls to Confused Civilian’s Mobile

A comical number mix up saw a member of the public fielding Scottish police calls over the Christmas period, with the confused man apparently taking a total of 16 serious business calls to his mobile phone. Read More >>

Blackberry Venice Android Phone Must be Real – It’s on Someone’s Desk

The odd yet extremely interesting Blackberry Venice device has been photographed out in the real world, with a phone enthusiast placing it atop his whitest surface and taking photos of its intriguing curved display, pop-out physical keyboard and custom build of Google's Android OS. Read More >>

Qualcomm Under EU Scrutiny for Possible Chip Sale Market Abuse

Strange thing, these European competition cases. Google's always getting in trouble for being good at what it does, Microsoft got in loads of trouble for being good at what it does, and now it's the turn of Qualcomm -- which is in the early stages of an EU anti-trust investigation because... it's better at what it does than everyone else. Read More >>

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Where to Find the Best Live Streams on Meerkat and Periscope

Meerkat and Periscope are two apps with a similar purpose: to let you broadcast live video over the web for anyone who wants to tune in. But what if your circle of friends aren’t live streaming enthusiasts? Here’s how you can find some streams of note on both networks. Read More >>

Facebook is Making a Phone App Because We All Need More Facebook Apps

Facebook wants to be so much more than just a social network app. It wants to be your go-to SMS with Messenger. It wants to be a Reddit replacement with Rooms. You can even overlay Android with Facebook Home. Now your dialler is in Zuck's crosshairs. Read More >>