Phones 4U’s iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini Stock is About to be Sold Off Cheap

Granny give you a couple of quid in a card over Christmas? Is it burning a hole in your pocket? Have no qualms striping the carcass of a recently-defunct high street staple? Then head over to the Phones 4U liquidation auction, which is about to put the closed shop's Apple stock on sale at rock-bottom prices. Read More >>

Closed Phones 4u’s Stock is Being Auctioned Off At Bargain Prices

It's brick and mortar shops have been sold, but what of the stock that once belonged to now-defunct high street mobile phone retailer Phones 4u? If you're on the market for a Christmas gadget bargain (and don't mind making a bit of space in the garage for some bulk-buy purchases), you can grab some old Phones 4u stock on the cheap at auction. Read More >>

Phones 4U Won’t be Refunding iPhone 6 Pre-Orders

If you've made a pricey pre-order for an iPhone 6 with Phones 4U, you may want to go grab something to bite down on before reading any further. Despite previously suggesting otherwise, Phones 4U has now admitted that no refunds will be offered for those that have paid upfront for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus that they will now never receive. Read More >>

EE Joins Vodafone in Phones 4U Carcass Feast

More jobs and traditional retail outlets have hopefully been saved following the Phones 4U crash, with mobile network EE joining Vodafone in buying a chunk of the collapsed phone chain's assets. Read More >>

Vodafone 4g cab
Vodafone is Buying 140 Phones 4U Stores, Saving 900 Jobs

Earlier this week we heard that Phones 4U had gone into administration, leaving the jobs of 5,596 staff members at risk. Fortunately, in addition to the 800 jobs that will become available at Dixons Carphone, Vodafone has announced that it will being buying 140 former Phones 4U stores and saving 900 jobs in the process. Read More >>

Dixons Carphone to Offer Jobs to 800 Phones 4U Workers

Dixons Carphone has just announced that it will be offering jobs to all 800 of its Phones 4U "store-in-store" colleagues at Curry's PC World shops. A slight silver lining to the otherwise sad news of 5,596 potential job cuts following Phones 4U's closure. Read More >>

Vodafone Was Plotting to Buy Broken Phones 4U

Vodafone and mobile rival EE were both considering a joint takeover of failed mobile retailer Phones 4U, it's claimed, with the pair thinking about buying the shop chain earlier this year. Read More >>

Why Phones 4U Closing Down Sucks

Over the weekend, we were somewhat shocked to learn that Phones 4U, home of mobile phones and semi-trained salesmen on aggressive commissions, is heading down the Blockbuster-Jessops route, and going into administration. Although it might not seem like the greatest of losses (except to purveyors of shiny suits and hair cream), here's why all of phone-buying Britain is going to lose out. Read More >>

iPhone 6 Pre-Orders With Phones 4u Will be Cancelled

Following the announcement that it is to enter administration, Phones 4u has announced that any customers who recently placed a pre-order for an Apple iPhone 6 will see it cancelled. Read More >>

Phones 4U Has Gone Into Administration

Phones 4U has announced that it has gone into administration now that EE, its last remaining partner, has severed ties with the company. All 720 Phones 4U outlets, including 550 standalone stores, will close pending review by administrators. Read More >>

EE May Pull Contracts from Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U

Mobile network EE is in the final stages of rejigging its sales practises, with one of the more destructive options being to stop offering phones and contracts through mammoth phone specialists Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse. Read More >>

Phones 4U’s Insurance Providers Got Whacked With a Massive Fine for Selling Dodgy Insurance

The insurance provider for popular high-street phone seller (and breeding ground for second-hand car salespeople) Phones 4U has been hit with a hefty fine for its dodgy insurance products, after it was revealed its complaints resolution procedure for claims basically involved shredding the angry emails and patronising people down the phone. Read More >>

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Looks Like a Phones 4u Is Going to Make Its Own Phones Too

Not content with pushing out its own mobile network, it seems Phones 4u wants to make its own phones too. It's apparently partnering with ZTE to make it happen. Would you buy an own-brand Phones 4u handset? Read More >>

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Why I Wouldn’t Trust a Phone Shop’s MVNO on any Given Day of the Week

Phones shops, in general, are dire; there's no two ways about it. With out-to-get-you customer service, often-crummy technical knowledge, and dodgy upsell-dealings left and right, they're just terrible. How about an actual mobile network brought to you by a phone shop then? No bloody way, mate. Read More >>

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Phones 4U Launching its Own Network Using EE’s Equipment

From March there'll be another choice when it comes to buying your mobiles and SIMs, with retailer Phones 4U set to launch its own virtual network using EE's infrastructure. It'll launch with 3G phones and plans from this March, with 4G abilities set to arrive some time later this year. It'll be called LIFE Mobile and will offer data bundles as standard. Prices to come nearer launch. [EE] Read More >>