OnePlus Says Hack Exposed Credit Cards of Up to 40,000 Customers

Data breaches are now commonplace, but that doesn’t make them any less serious. So when a number of users reported seeing suspicious activity on their credit cards after buying something from OnePlus’ online store, the company launched an investigation to find out what really happened. Now the results are in, and it’s not looking good. As many as 40,000 customers who bought something on from mid-November of 2017 up until last week potentially had their credit card info stolen by hackers. Read More >>

EE Announces Another Round of January Sales Offers

If you're in the market for a new smartphone, you've not lucked out of the January sales just yet: EE has just announced another wave of discounts, offering reduced prices on contracts and the latest handsets. Read More >>

CES 2018: Samsung’s Folding Phone May Have Made a Secret Appearance in Las Vegas

While shows like CES are primarily for companies to show off their products to the public, the fact almost the entire tech industry is there in one place means it's the perfect place for private meetings. What those meetings are for vary, but sometimes it involves a showing off tech or products that isn't ready to be unveiled in public. Read More >>

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 Box Leak Shows Off Possible Specs

The other day we learned that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is set to be released next month, probably at MWC, so that means the rumour mill doesn't have long to spoil everything for us. Clearly not wanting to be outdone, it's gone ahead and given us a shot of what is alleged to be the Galaxy S9's box, complete with a list of hardware specs. Read More >>

ces 2018
CES 2018: Mobile Connect Is Dell’s Answer to Apple Handoff

The diversity of the Android and Windows ecosystems are one of their biggest advantages over Apple’s alternatives. However, with two different companies in charge of development, sometimes it’s hard to get everyone together to create the kind of tightly integrated platforms Mac and iPhone fans are so proud of. Read More >>

CES 2018: The First In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Has Arrived, Courtesy Chinese Company Vivo

For the longest time it was rumoured that the iPhone X would keep TouchID by embedding the fingerprint scanner into the phone's display. As the launch date drew closer, more reports surfaced claiming Apple had abandoned the idea because it wasn't working out. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms the Galaxy S9 Will Launch Next Month

2017 is over, and all of the big phone releases have been and gone.They're old news, which means it's time to really start thinking about what's coming up over the next 12 months. There will no doubt be a lot of fancy and expensive phones to enjoy, but it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first one to arrive. Read More >>

ces 2018
CES 2018: This Super-Tall Phone Will Be Super Cheap

The biggest trend among smartphones in 2017 was extra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio displays. Samsung and LG got things started back in the spring, and even Apple hopped on the trend earlier this fall with the iPhone X. But if you’re looking for budget handsets with one of those super-tall screens, the best you can do right now is the Honor 7X at £250. At least until Alcatel got in the mix. Read More >>

How to Track a Mobile Phone Without GPS—or Consent

As the US Supreme Court mulls over the case of Carpenter v. United States, which may have far-reaching consequences for police who track suspects without a warrant via their cellphones, four engineers at Princeton University have revealed a brand-new method for identifying the location of a cellphone user. The result of their ingenuity is as remarkable as it is alarming. Read More >>

14 Useful Apps to Install on Your New Phone

You’re staring down at your shiny, unwrapped, brand new smartphone—so what do you do next? Where do you start with the hundreds of thousands of apps at your fingertips? These are the apps we always install first on any new iOS or Android device. Read More >>

7 Essential Checks to Make Before Ditching Your Old Phone

It’s the season for the giving and receiving of gifts, and whether someone else has generously bought you a smartphone or you’ve decided to treat yourself, it’s time to bid farewell to your old handset and face the future with your new one. But wait—we’ve got a few checks you need to make first. Read More >>

Ministry of Justice Demands Ban on Bumhole-Friendly Tiny Phones

The current justice secretary has called for the current generation of ultra small mobile phones to be banned, because, he thinks, they only exist so they can be smuggled into prisons within the body cavities of kindly visiting friends and relatives. Read More >>

Smartphones Might Get Super Exciting Again in 2018

Let’s face it, even though phones continue to get faster and companies continue to cram even more tech into people’s pocket computers, you wouldn’t be wrong if you said smartphones have gotten a little boring to the casual consumer. Much of the time, it seems people are much more concerned with making sure there’s a little fruit logo on the back of their handset or a small green robot man running things on the inside. Read More >>

Apple Pays Finisar £290 Million to Try and Lock Down Its Supply of Precious iPhone X Sensors

Tech giant Apple brought the iPhone X to market this year, but not without significant production stumbles that resulted in predictions of supply shortages for retailers and consumers. Reports on Wednesday show that Apple is moving quickly to ensure future access to some of the device’s more elaborate parts to decrease the odds of that happening again in the future. Read More >>