The iPhone X is Indisputably Better Than the Samsung Galaxy S8… At Breaking

The iPhone X has just come out, and with it comes all the arguments about whether it's actually the best phone. Well I am here to tell you that the iPhone X is indisputably the best phone out there, but only if you're only counting its ability to break. Apparently this phone s very fragile. Read More >>

The Razer Phone is Available to Pre-Order, Exclusive to Three

Razer unveiled its very first smartphone to the world earlier this week, and if you decided it's the kind of phone you need in your life there's some good news. The phone is available to pre-order now, but you'll have to go to Three to get it for now. Read More >>

Vodafone Caps Pay As You Go Charges, So You Don’t Pay More Than £1 a Day

I don't really know anyone who's on Pay As You Go these days. With the ubiquity of mobile data, and the charges I've seen associated with off-contract data, PAYG doesn't seem like a particularly good idea. At least it's not for the way I use my phone, and there are plenty of people who feel differently. Vodafone might have ditched the slogan 'Power To You', but its latest announcement seems quite in line with that. Read More >>

Looks Like UK Retailer 3G Has Leaked the Razer Phone

Razer is a company best known for making fancy PC peripherals, and has more recently delved into the world of making actual PCs for gamers with lots of money. Well it's also making a smartphone, and the details appear to have been leaked by UK retailer 3G. Read More >>

Today’s the Day iPhone X Pre-Orders Go Live

If you're willing to buy a brand new phone for the same price as some second hand cars, today is your lucky day. That's because the iPhone X pre-orders go live today, ahead of the first release wave in a week's time. Read More >>

Research Reveals Mobile Networks are Overcharging Customers After Their Contracts End

If you purchase a phone on contract, especially if it's new and high-end, you're obviously going to be paying a lot of money every month for the next two years. Now, though, it's been revealed that some customers are still paying the same extortionate amount of money after their two years are up, because the networks haven't told them their contract period has ended. Read More >>

Reminder: The Pixel 2 is Available Today

Just a reminder for anyone that forgot, Google's latest handsets, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, are both available today. Read More >>

Don’t Expect to Skip the SIM Card if You Buy a Pixel 2

One of the big things Google announced at the Pixel 2 launch was that the phone would have an eSIM. What you might not have known is that the use of an eSIM is restricted to people on Google's Project Fi mobile network. And because Project Fi isn't available in the UK, you're going to have to use a regular nano SIM like every other phone out there. Read More >>

EE Is Broken: Calls To Other Networks Are Not Working

If you're on EE you might have noticed that your phone has been playing up a bit today. Well that's because EE has confirmed it's suffering from problems that are preventing users from calling other networks. Read More >>

Microsoft Admits That Windows Phone is Dead

We've all known it for years, what with it's dwindling market share and lack of support, but Microsoft has finally admitted that Windows Phone is dead. Deader than the Norwegian Blue. In a series of tweets Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has confirmed that the company will no longer be actively working on Windows Phone, or its sort-of successor Windows Mobile. Read More >>

The New BlackBerry Motion Ditches the Keyboard

BlackBerry put an end to its long-simmering hardware misery and stopped designing new phones in 2016, opting to move entirely into the software sector. Yet the actual BlackBerry brand continues to shuffle along in the form of a partnership with Chinese company TCL, which earlier this year released the BlackBerry KeyOne, a moderately successful throwback phone which retained the increasingly obsolete physical keyboard. Read More >>

Swapping the Headphone Jack for USB-C Makes More Sense Than What Apple Did

Last night Google unveiled the Pixel 2, and one of the noticeable changes is that, like the iPhone 7, this phone doesn't have a headphone jack. It's not the first non-Apple phone to do this (Moto Z and HTC U Ultra are two good examples), but it does look like the first time it's happened to a premium-tier flagship. Or, at least, the first that people care about. They cared enough to let out an audible groan when it was mentioned at least. Read More >>

CAT S41 Review: A Rugged Smartphone for People Tired of Expensive Gimmicks

These days, phone makers are doing a lot of things to try and make you buy the latest overpriced model, complete with a bunch of extra features they want you to care about. The problem is that despite all the wondrous technological advances, those phones are fragile as fuck. Even the iPhone 8's back glass, which is supposedly stronger than everything else, proved to be fragile as fuck. Read More >>

There’s a 3G Version of the New Nokia 3310 Now

Earlier this year HMD, the company that owns the rights to the Nokia name, released a brand new feature phone that was given more fanfare than its subsequent smartphone releases. It was a 'new' version of the Nokia 3310 that was, frankly, nothing special. Well now there's a new new Nokia 3310, only this one has 3G. Read More >>

EE Rolls Out Enhanced HD Voice Calling to iPhone 8 Users, With Others to Follow

EE, the phone network that likes to be first with new stuff, has today announced "Enhanced HD Voice", which, as the name suggests, is voice calling enhanced with HD. Read More >>