How to Take Control of Where Every Link on Your Phone or Computer Opens Up

Links make the digital world go round—links to your Twitter profile or the daily headlines or a file stored in the cloud. Being able to manage those links and open them more efficiently can be a bigger time-saver in your day than you might think... and so we’re going to outline how you can take more control over your links on mobile and desktop. Read More >>

Don’t Just Uninstall Old Apps—Delete Your Accounts As Well

So you’ve grown bored of the latest photo filtering tool, or the newest anonymous question app, or whatever the flavour of the month in the app charts happens to be. Just remove the app from your phone and get on with your life, right? Well, not quite. Read More >>

A Wild Samsung Galaxy Fold Appeared!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has had rather a rocky launch, to say the least, but it may just be that the time spent waiting for the phone to actually launch may be coming to an end. We think, anyway, because someone's been spotted using one of the handsets out in public. Read More >>

These Are Probably The First Official Samsung Note 10 Images

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 boat just keeps on leaking, and this week it's a real good one. Read More >>

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Leak Reveals Hot Quad Camera Design

We're taking a short break from the multitude of Google Pixel 4 leaks to bring you something from Huawei. Read More >>

We’ve Got All Your Summertime Apple Rumours Right Here

It’s hot, the summer hols are swiftly approaching and we’re still two months out from when Apple traditionally announces a new batch of iPhones. But that hasn’t stopped rumours and leaks from swirling including speculation about the next AirPods, the death of a once highly touted feature, what Apple has planned for 2020, and more. So here’s a roundup of all the latest iPhone news and rumours so you can prepare for the iPhone 11's official debut later this autumn. Read More >>

This Is the Best Gaming Phone Yet

Less than two years ago, gaming phones weren’t even a thing. But now, they are an entire category unto themselves. Asus made one, Xiaomi made one (with another on the way), and Razer made two. And while there are some people that continue to question why they are even necessary, it’s important to note that the superb 90Hz screen on the OnePlus 7 Pro is almost certainly a response to the high refresh rate screens that first debuted on various gaming phones. These phones influence the broader category of phones. But in the case of the Nubia Red Magic 3 that might not be a great thing. I’m not sure I’ll want to see it’s built-in fan in next year’s OnePlus. Still, its features like that (and an excellent price)that make this the best gaming phone yet. Read More >>

The First Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Images Have Leaked

It looks like the internet has upped the ante when it comes to Note 10 leaks. Read More >>

Samsung is Planning a Cheap 5G Phone

So far, the only 5G phones come with ridiculously high price tags. Samsung may just be coming to the table with a solution, at least eventually. Read More >>

The Almond OnePlus 7 Pro Goes on Sale Today

It's been a little while since OnePlus pushed the 7 Pro out into the world, followed by the cheaper One Plus 7 a few weeks later. Now the release cycle for this particular phone is complete, because the special edition Almond 7 Pro is now available for you to buy. Meaning you can now choose one that isn't blue or black. Read More >>

Despite All the Problems, the 5G Galaxy Fold is Still Coming

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold back in February (!), we were told that there would be two different versions of the phone. One with 4G, that most people can use, and another with 5G that will be suitable for, like, five people. We haven't heard anything about the 5G model since, which shouldn't be a shock given all the shit Samsung has had to deal with the past couple of months. But it's still coming. Read More >>

Carphone Can’t Make Money Selling £1,000 Phones

Dixons Carphone has once again horrified the financial sector with a set of results, with the business blaming the rapidly cooling smartphone sector for this fresh batch of losses and general high street sales horror. Read More >>

You Can Get Nearly £150 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Thanks to Amazon

We're not that far off from the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, if rumours are to be believed, but that may make this a great time to pick up a Galaxy Note 9. Prices are coming down, and let's face it, the Note 10 isn't likely to be that much different. Phones never are these days. You could wait until closer to launch, when there will undoubtedly be plenty of price cuts to enjoy, but if you can't wait you can enjoy nearly £150 off the RRP right now. Read More >>

How to Disable Those Huawei Lock Screen Ads

This week there have been reports of advertisements for appearing on the lock screens of several of their devices. Read More >>