EE Rolls Out Enhanced HD Voice Calling to iPhone 8 Users, With Others to Follow

EE, the phone network that likes to be first with new stuff, has today announced "Enhanced HD Voice", which, as the name suggests, is voice calling enhanced with HD. Read More >>

This Is the iPhone 8 You Should Buy

It’s that time of year again, folks, but this time shit’s a little more complicated. Apple turned heads at the annual iPhone lovefest by introducing not just one, not two, but three new iPhones—one of which is a pricey monster we’ll address in a future post. If you’re thinking about placing an order for an iPhone 8 today (starting at 8am GMT), however, we’ve got some tips. Read More >>

Every iPhone X Feature You Can’t Get in a Non-Apple Smartphone

Apple just announced the iPhone X, the phone that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone with a slew of new features designed to usher in the new age of smartphones. But just how unique are all those features? What does the iPhone X offer that you can't get elsewhere? Let's take a look. Read More >>

Is The CAT S41 The Toughest Phone Ever? We Put It To The Test

Last week CAT announced a brand new phone, the latest in its line of rugged phones designed to handle more things than the pansy-ass phones produced by the likes of Apple and Samsung. Those need to be wrapped up in big cases to even hope of surviving. This is the S41, and it's supposed to last through thick and thin. Read More >>

TalkTalk Apparently Doesn’t Want to be in the Mobile Business Anymore

In the telecoms world there is a category of providers that offer quad-play services, i.e. they'll sell you TV, mobile contracts, broadband, and landlines. There aren't that many of them, with Sky, BT, Virgin, and TalkTalk being the only companies to offer all four. Read More >>

LG’s New V30 Looks Like One Hell of a Phone

Hot on the heels of the Galaxy Note8, LG's own new V30 looks to be the strongest competition that Samsung has ever had. A massive 6-inch display, dual rear cameras — including the brightest camera ever on a phone — and some serious hi-res audio chops should make for one hell of a high-end Android phone. Read More >>

Motorola is Going to Try and Out-Sonos Sonos With the Moto X4 and Tempow Bluetooth

Tempow, a company know for its software-only Bluetooth enhancements, has teamed up with Motorola for the launch of the Moto X4 smartphone - and it looks like they have their sights set on Sonos. Read More >>

Samsung’s Infinity Display Could Hit Cheaper Phones Next Year

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is expensive. Too expensive for a lot of people, which is a shame because it's got a nice feature-set. The most appealing of those features is the lovely bezel-free Infinity Display, but if you're lamenting your lack of finances or impulsiveness, don't fret. That gorgeous display could come to the cheaper handsets next year. Read More >>

A Cheaper Version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Happen

Let's not beat around the bush, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 costs a lot. Far too much for most normal people to justify, especially if they're on a two-year upgrade cycle. £869 is, after all, more than I spent on my last phone and TV combined. Well Samsung might have a solution to that problem: a cheaper variant of the Note 8 with lower specs. Read More >>

Dixons Carphone Says its Sales Are Being Hurt by ‘Lack of Innovation’

For most smartphones are an incredibly important purchase. It goes everywhere we go, does a ridiculous amount of things, and documents our lives. They're also really expensive, with the flagships getting more and more expensive as time goes on. Read More >>

We Might be Seeing the Next iPhone on 12th September

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 launch is out of the way, it's time to turn our attention to the other company flagships set to arrive before the end of the year. First up is the iPhone 8, which a new report claims will be unveiled on 12th September. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Orders Are Now Open, Here’s Where You Can Get One

In case you somehow hadn't noticed, Samsung revealed its Galaxy Note 8 phablet this afternoon. It's a nice looking phone with a hefty price tag attached, but if you simply must have one here are all the places that are accepting pre-orders right now - or will be in the very near future. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Speculation over Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 seems to have been going on since the Note 7 was released and promptly starting exploding. Now after all that time it's finally been revealed. Here's everything we about about it so far. Read More >>

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How to Watch This Afternoon’s Galaxy Note 8 Reveal

Yes we've seen the leaks, and we basically know what's coming, but that doesn't mean this afternoon's Galaxy Note 8 launch deserves any less attention. We here at Giz UK will be covering the Galaxy Unpacked event, but if you'd rather watch events unfold as they happen here's how you can do it. Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 8’s UK Price Just Leaked

At 4 o'clock this afternoon, Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 to the world, even though there are already a billion leaks out there telling us pretty much everything we need to know. Well now there's another biggy, featuring the phone's full specs and UK pricing. Read More >>