The OnePlus 8 Series Will be Unveiled on 14th April

When you're all stuck at home working, wrangling children, or being bored, there's not a lot to get you really excited about new tech. Except maybe a new phone? Assuming the coronavirus doesn't affect supply lines, those are still to come regardless of how long Boris makes us stay inside. The next big event on the calendar appears to be the launch of the OnePlus 8 series, with OnePlus now confirming that it'll be showing off the phones on the 14th April. Read More >>

Hey Huawei, Why are Your Crippled Devices So Expensive?

Today is the day that Huawei announces the P40 series, the latest in its flagship smartphone series that people would normally be very excited about. But that's not the case this time round, or it doesn't seem to be at any rate. That's because Huawei is still in that situation where it's not allowed access to Google Play Services, and thus you can't download any apps from the Google Play Store. That's going to be the case for a long time, and anyone who buys a Huawei device released after last summer won't have access to nearly as many apps as someone who bought a P30 this time last year. Read More >>

You Can Now Make and Receive Mobile Phone Calls With Alexa on EE

You're not going out, you need to communicate, and the phone is charging all the way across the room. Urrrgh, that's a pain. What if there was someway you could make a mobile call without having to physically handle it? Now you can without being with Vodafone, thanks to a partnership between EE and Amazon. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Agree to Share Masts in Rural Black Spots and Grey Areas

The concept of the Shared Rural Network has been signed into existence today, with the major mobile networks agreeing to the headline ambition of getting 4G coverage to 95 per cent of the UK's landmass by 2025. The end of, of course. Read More >>

You Can Pause Music With Google’s Motion Sense – But It Doesn’t Work All That Well

Google's tricky Motion Sensing radar can now see your hand hovering above your Pixel 4 phone and pause your music on command. It does work – sort of – but it's still very much in the "party trick" school of mobile phone gimmicks. Read More >>

Nokia 9.2 Leaks Hint at Quad Lenses and In-Display Selfie Shooter

Farewell, creepy spider-eyed lenses on the Nokia 9.1 Pureview. It looks as though your successor is going for a more traditional camera array at the back. It could be a very different story around the front, however. Read More >>

Samsung Blames the Coronavirus for the Galaxy S20’s Horrible Sales Numbers

As you all might have noticed, the coronavirus outbreak is affecting a lot of things in the tech world, from huge conferences to international and domestic travel, among others. Now, Samsung is also blaming coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, for the new Galaxy S20 line’s horrible initial sales numbers in South Korea. Read More >>

Huawei Mocks Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr, Stubbornly Insists People Only Want One Kind of Foldable

Earlier this week Huawei unveiled a 'new' foldable phone, which is really almost identical to its old foldable phone that we haven't been able to buy yet. So that's been on the mouths of many Huawei executives, including UK managing director Anson Zhang who had some harsh words to say about rival foldables. Read More >>

The EU Might Force Phone Makers to Include Removable Batteries

One of the things a lot of people lament about the new rage of fancy smartphones with fancy features is the fact that the phones are all completely sealed up and you can't get one with a removable battery anymore. You know, because swapping out a flat battery is a lot faster and easier than connecting it to a big chonky battery pack. Read More >>

Huawei Mate x vs Mate XS: What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Despite the fact that the Huawei Mate X was announced at MWC 2019, with promises of a June release, that particular foldable has yet to be released outside of China. Which is a huge shame for all the people who were willing to drop over £2,000 on a phone that would be obsolete in a year or two. And obsolete it may be, because Huawei has announced that the Mate X is being replaced by the Mate XS - a foldable that may actually be released  here. So is there much difference between the two? Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Is the First Foldable Phone Worth Caring About

With all the hazards and issues found on previous foldable phones, it’d be hard to blame anyone for writing off flexible screen tech completely. But that sentiment might be a bit premature, because with the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has made the first foldable phone worth caring about. Read More >>

Samsung Accidentally Texted The World

Someone seems to have accidentally pressed a wrong button at Samsung. On Thursday Galaxy users from around the world received a mysterious '1' message on their devices. Samsung has since address the incident and said there's nothing to worry about. Read More >>

Vodafone Brings 5G and Unlimited Data to Pay as You Go

Vodafone has been offering 5G and unlimited data for a while, but you always had to sign up for a pay-monthly contract to take advantage of either of those perks. Now, though, Vodafone is bringing them out for pay as you go customers, so you can enjoy faster speeds and more data too without being tied into a contract. Read More >>

The OnePlus 8 Series Specs Have Leaked, and a Long-Missing Feature Might be Included

OnePlus 8 series launch is happening very soon, if the leaks are to be believed, and that always means there are leaks on the way. Well not really on the way, because if this bumper leak is to be believed then the specs might already be floating about the internet. Specs for the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8 Lite. Read More >>

Want the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? Here are the Best UK Network Deals

Today is the day that Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip goes on sale, which is kind of a surprise considering it was only announced on Tuesday night. Still, the fact that you can order it right now, and not have to wait weeks or months like you would with a pre-order, gives it an obvious advantage to the S20 range. Read More >>