Oh God, Now Vivo Has a Zero Port Phone On the Way

This year, by all accounts, was expected to be the year of the foldable phone. It still is, given how many companies seem to be working on them, but now it seems a new trend has kicked off. The phone that doesn't have any ports. Following yesterday's announcement from Meizu, Vivo has revealed it too has a phone without any ports or physical buttons. Read More >>

It Feels Like Meizu’s Phone With No Ports and No Buttons is Just Asking for Trouble

Ever since Apple was 'brave' enough to remove the headphone jack, there have been people commenting on the possibility of a phone with no ports at all. Even Apple itself is said to be moving to a totally wireless future that doesn't includes ports for charging and data transfer. It seems outlandish, but Meizu has gone and announced a phone that skips all the ports. It also doesn't have any buttons. Read More >>

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10s Won’t be Cheap, According to New Leak

We're in the run up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 on 20th February, so there are a lot of rumours and leaks flying around. Seriously, it's like we already know everything about this phone already. Well today a new leak has more pricing information for the phone, and it looks like the people who want the best of the best are going to have to pay a lot for that privilege. Read More >>

Please Let Me Explain My BlackBerry

A week before CES, I finally pulled the trigger and swapped my SIM card from my sputtering iPhone 6S to a new BlackBerry Key2. The decision to switch to the BlackBerry, like many of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, was driven by a combination of whim, nostalgia, and spite. Given that we’re upon the 20th anniversary of the very first BlackBerry device, I thought I should explain myself. Read More >>

Multiple Executives Reportedly Out at Snap Following Shake-Up Over Alleged Affair

Snap has reportedly ousted multiple high-ranking employees after an investigation into an alleged scandal involving its now former head of global security Francis Racioppi, the Wall Street Journal’s Maureen Farrell reported Friday. Read More >>

8 Things You Should Be Automating on Your Smartphone

We live in an age of super-smart technology built to make our lives easier, so don’t struggle with the menial chores of the day when your phone could be doing the job for you. Here are some of the best automations you can set up on your phone, freeing you from the task and giving you more time to do something else more interesting instead. Read More >>

Leaked Video of Alleged Pixel 3 Lite Details Almost Everything, Including a Launch Date

It seems Google has a real problem with secrets, because after a Russian blog shared info about the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite late last year, now there’s a complete review of what appears to be a pre-production Pixel 3 Lite on YouTube. Read More >>

The Foldable Phone Craze May See the Return of the Motorola Razr

If you believe people on the internet the Motorola Razr was *the* phone to have before the iPhone came along. Back in the days when fliphones reigned supreme, and you could hang up on someone by snapping your phone shut with a satisfying snap. Well the brand may be making a comeback, thanks to the new trend of foldable phones. Read More >>

Samsung Kicks off Foldable Phone Hype Campaign With Korean Language Adverts in Paris

Folding phones are coming! Well one of them is already here, and the next big one is set to be properly revealed on 20th February. Samsung, which has been rumoured to be working on a foldable device for *years*, has kicked off its marketing/hype campaign for the folding Galaxy X/F. It involves a series of posters that have been put up in Paris, with Korean words plastered over them. Read More >>

Chinese Huawei Executive Arrested in Poland Over Spying Charge as Tensions Build

Polish authorities arrested an unnamed Chinese executive on Tuesday. The Huawei exec, identified in the Polish and Chinese press as Weijing W. or “Stanislaw Wang,” is charged with spying but details of the allegations have not yet been made public. Read More >>

Samsung Officially Confirms the Galaxy S10 Will Launch on 20th February

We've heard rumours from all over the place claiming that Samsung would be announcing the Galaxy S10 on 20th February - a whole 5 days before the start of Mobile World Congress that usually hosts this event. Now Samsung has confirmed those rumours, announcing that the new phone range will be unveiled at 7pm UK time. Read More >>

CES 2019: Samsung Confirms its Foldable Phone Will Arrive in the First Half of 2019

We have been hearing about Samsung's foldable phone for what seems like forever now, even if it was only officially 'revealed' back in November. Sadly we weren't told much about when it would be released, beyond a promise that more information would come at the next Galaxy Unpacked. Now we know that it will definitely be arriving in the first half of this year. Read More >>

Plummet in Landline Use Triggers Debate on Phone Numbers

Ofcom has revealed that the nation's use of landlines to talk to other people has metaphorically fallen off a cliff, with the amount of time we spend on landlines falling by half in the last six years. Because of, like Black Mirror says, all the mobile phones, and the fact your dad can get webcam sex on his iPad now so has no need to call the chatlines. Read More >>

Analyst Reckons This Year’s iPhone Will Have USB-C, a Smaller Notch, and In-Screen TouchID

Everyone is bored of the iPhone XS and XR now, it seems. Those phones have been out a few months, and aside from the fact Apple isn't selling as many as it would like there's not much else to talk about. This is the internet, though, and there's nothing the internet loves more than spreading rumours and speculation about unreleased tech. Also porn, but that's another matter. Now we have an analyst making some bold predictions, with some of his own reckonings about what 2019's iPhone range has in store. Read More >>

Leaked Galaxy S10 Images Shows off a Notch-Free Design With a Hole-Punch Camera

We've already seen and heard a fair bit about the Samsung Galaxy S10, including images that seem to show off a phone with two front-facing cameras surrounded by a notch. Well the good news is that a brand new image has leaked, and there isn't a notch in sight. Instead Samsung is, as expected, punching a hole in the screen for the camera - much like the newly revealed Galaxy A8. Read More >>