Artist Wins £12,000 Photography Contest With a Blank Photo Her Grandmother Scribbled On

The debate over whether photography can be truly considered an art takes another weird turn as the winner of a photo contest in Australia took home a $20,000 AUD prize (approximately £12,150) for what is essentially a blank photograph covered in scratches and spit courtesy of her grandmother. Read More >>

These Stunning New Photos of Mars Are Weirdly Earth-Like

If someone told us that these stunning new photos had been taken on Earth, we wouldn’t have blinked an eye. But they weren’t. Instead, every one of these photographs comes from a planet millions of miles away from us. Read More >>

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This Never Before Seen Microscopic Deep Sea Footage Is Other Worldly

A brand new underwater microscope just took an unprecedentedly-close look at the deep seafloor. You can see the footage it took, including a microscopic coral cage-match, right here. Read More >>

The 7 Best Wallpaper Apps for Your Android or iPhone

You spend a long time staring at your smartphone screen, so don’t settle for a backdrop image that’s staid and dull. These Android and iOS apps bring a wealth of superb ready-to-go images right to your handset in an instant, so the only problem you’ll have is choosing your favourites. Read More >>

Inside the Small Brooklyn Studio Making the Wackiest Synths I’ve Seen

Critter & Guitari make some of the most unique synthesisers I've ever seen. They don't just sound cool—they're explicitly designed to be both familiar to experienced musicians and encourage people to engage with the gear in new and creative ways. Read More >>

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Can You Spot the Photographs Hiding in Plain Sight?

It's not too difficult to find the still photographs in this video but some seem to pop up and surprise you when you'd least suspect it. This short little video created by mustardcuffins shows photographs that "skim across the skin of reality". Awesome concept. [mustardcuffins] Read More >>

Google+ Now Works as a Serious Photo Editor (If You Use Chrome)

Google+ is now rolling out many of the image adjustment tricks included in its Auto Awesome feature as manual tools—if you use the right browser. Read More >>

Polaroid Revival Attempt #215: Launch an Android Picture Frame App

The current owners of the historically important Polaroid brand are attempting to make it relevant once again, launching another kind of image framing and filtering app for Android users. Just what we really needed. Read More >>

Giant View-Master Photo Frame Beats Staring Through Plastic Goggles

The classic View-Master toy gave a lot of us our first look at 3D images—a technology we would one day learn to despise. But that doesn't mean there still isn't a soft spot for those plastic goggles and paper discs in our hearts, which you can immortalise on your wall with this fantastic photo frame. Read More >>

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This Is How Photos Work in Windows 8

If you've used the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 you'll have had a sneak peek of the Photos app in the new operating system. But Microsoft has just announced what else is set to roll out come the official launch so, without further ado, here's how photos work in Windows 8. Read More >>

Dropbox Now Automatically Uploads Your Photos

Having successfully beta tested it, Dropbox has announced a new release of its desktop and Android software, which means that the service can now upload your photographs to your Dropbox account automatically. Yes, that's exactly like iCloud and Google+, but it's good news for anyone who doesn't use either of those services. [Dropbox] Read More >>