This Month-Long Timelapse of Life at Sea Makes Me Want to Sail the World

There are certainly some downsides to working aboard a massive container ship that criss-crosses the world’s oceans for months at a time. But through the lens of JeffHK’s timelapse camera, it’s hard to imagine a more soothing and relaxing career choice than roaming the open sea. Read More >>

Unsurprisingly, Monkey Loses Photo Copyright Fight

Way back in 2011, photographer David Slater snapped some photos with a bunch of macaques in the Indonesian jungle. After spending some time with the monkeys, one of them cheekily picked up his camera and snapped a photo of itself. Read More >>

I’m Still Trying to Understand Why I Let This Camera Dangle Between My Boobs

Wearable camera companies bank on us living interesting lives. If I were to live in their vision of what my life is supposed to be like, I would be at an endless music festival. At sunset. There would be dogs on skateboards. Probably a waterfall. A child would be looking up at me with marvel as a butterfly wondrously perched on their finger. Read More >>

That Viral Photo of People Golfing by a Huge Wildfire Is Actually Real

“That looks… very shopped,” one Gizmodo writer said, when he saw the viral image of three chill dudes golfing as a mountain burned behind them. On the left side of the frame, there are two other people gazing at the blaze. The whole scene does indeed look very fake, another fine Photoshop forgery. But it’s not. Read More >>

This Backpack Cured My Addiction to Gadget Bags

Every week a handful of emails hit my inbox about a new backpack on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, complete with a flashy video and promises of revolutionising how I carry all my toys. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been tempted to donate to quite a few of them. But it’s hard to be pulled away from the Lowepro camera bags I’ve owned over the years. If you’re a photographer, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ve carried a DSLR and a myriad of lenses in one of Lowepro’s packs. The company’s spent the past 45 years coming up with ways to protect and haul camera equipment. With its new Urbex bags, the company reinvents that camera-focused legacy with a line that’s focused on being the bag for all of your gadgets, and the clutter that comes with them. Read More >>

Proof That We’re Basically Living in a Blade Runner Sequel

The new Blade Runner movie is a terrifying glimpse of the near future. Titled Blade Runner 2049, it doesn’t hit cinemas until 6th October, but these new promotional shots look absolutely terrifying. In fact, the dystopian vision of the future that these images present looks all too real. Read More >>

Watch Postcards of Mid-Century Resorts Transform Into Their Abandoned Ruins

In idyllic places like the Catskills and the Poconos, the ‘50s and ‘60s were a uniquely magical time for America. This was where newly suburban denizens went on holiday, flocking to lakeside resorts straight out of Dirty Dancing. But over the years, the people stopped coming, and the resorts closed. Now, their moss-covered ruins look like a tomb of the American dream. Read More >>

Camera Lens Coasters Keep Coffee Rings Out of Your Photography Studio

If you’re a photography enthusiast who still hauls around a heavy DSLR and a bag full of glass, you’ve probably got one of those clever camera lens mugs sitting on your desk. But a photography studio is the last place you want to spill coffee, so these matching camera lens coasters will help keep stains off your sets. Read More >>

Lost For Over a Century, This is Now The Oldest Known Original Photo of a US President

Lost for nearly a century and a half, a grainy black and white portrait of John Quincy Adams has reemerged — and it’s now considered the oldest surviving original photograph of a US president in existence. Read More >>

Let These Award-Winning Ecology Images Soothe Your Tortured Soul

Nature can be brutal as hell. The Circle of Life translates to a horrible place full of awful smells, corpses, murder, and plenty of unreasonably upsetting shit. Looking at pictures of nature, however, is a completely different story. It’s soothing. It’s nice. There’s not as much blood, generally. Read More >>

Artist Wins £12,000 Photography Contest With a Blank Photo Her Grandmother Scribbled On

The debate over whether photography can be truly considered an art takes another weird turn as the winner of a photo contest in Australia took home a $20,000 AUD prize (approximately £12,150) for what is essentially a blank photograph covered in scratches and spit courtesy of her grandmother. Read More >>

The Year’s Best Astronomy Photos Will Transport You to Another World

The Royal Observatory Greenwich in the UK has shortlisted its nominees for its annual Insight Astronomer of the Year competition. From stunning aurora and shooting stars through to solar flares and distant nebulae, these images are guaranteed to astound. Read More >>

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Breathtaking Timelapses Turn Massive Stormfronts Into Swirling Masterpieces

It might seem like photographer Mike Olbinski is always at the right place at the right time to capture Mother Nature’s fury. But for his latest film, Pursuit, he actually spent three months driving across 10 US states to capture this amazing timelapse footage, chasing storms and weather patterns for over 28,000 miles. Read More >>

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Cooking an Airbag Turns a Microwave Door Into a Missile

Despite an endless list of fascinating and destructive experiments you can try, microwaves should really only be used to heat food. Not lightbulbs, not highlighters, and definitely not an airbag from a car. Unless you’ve got a high-speed camera to record the microwave’s door turning into a high-speed missile. Read More >>

Monkey Selfie Photographer Close To ‘Packing It All In’ After Expensive Legal Battles

It's been a rough few years for photographer David Slater, the disputed owner of those monkey selfies from 2011. Slater found himself in an interesting legal quandary after his ownership of the famous photos was disputed by the likes of PETA and even Wikipedia. Now, Slater is apparently struggling financially, the costs of the ongoing court battles all but draining his coffers. Read More >>