These Award-Winning Wildlife Photos Will Calm Your Stressed Spirits

Right now, just about everything feels awful. A pandemic is ongoing. People are self-isolating at home to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading further. Businesses are closed, leaving countless workers without employment. And to top it all off, the climate crisis continues to threaten humanity’s existence. Read More >>

For Almost £32,000, You Can Buy a Wide-Angle Lens That Can Actually See Behind Itself

A talented photographer can snap stunning photos with even a cheap camera; expensive equipment doesn’t guarantee a beautiful shot. But that doesn’t make buying and experimenting with pricey gear, like a $39,000 (£31,661) fisheye lens with a field of view so wide it can see behind itself, any less tempting. Read More >>

You Can Connect Your Game Boy Camera to Modern Printers Using This Cheap Adapter

Despite its utterly awful image quality (maxing out at a resolution of just 160x144 pixels), the Game Boy Camera was still a popular add-on, thanks in part to a cheap accessory that could print out tiny photos. But finding paper stock for the Game Boy Printer is no easy task these days, so Vaclav Mach created a £15.50 adapter that lets the Game Boy Camera work with modern printers instead. Read More >>

With the Fujifilm X-T4 One of the Best APS-C Mirrorless Cams Gets Even Better

If you’ve been paying attention to Fujifilm’s recent announcements, you’ve probably noticed that the company has been going through and revamping a number of its mirrorless cameras. And now, one of Fujifilm’s most popular APS-C cams is getting a refresh in the new Fujifilm X-T4. Read More >>

NASA Releases Remixed Version of Iconic ‘Pale Blue Dot’ Photo

A humbling photo of Earth taken by the Voyager 1 probe from a distance of 3.7 billion miles has been reprocessed by NASA to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the image. Read More >>

Sony Now Lets Anyone Make Their Own Remotes for Its Cameras

Sony announced on Tuesday another feature for its digital cameras that the company hopes will expand their adoption among professional photographers: a software development kit that allows third-party developers to create their own custom tools to remotely control and operate the cameras. Read More >>

A Spectacular Fireball Lights Up the Cornish Sky

Check out this incredible photo of a streaking fireball, which appeared over Cornwall last week. Read More >>

Hardware Hacker Designs and Builds His Own Digital Camera Sensor – Sony Has Nothing To Worry About

Making your own digital camera sensor isn’t as complicated as you’d think, as YouTube hardware hacker Sean Hodgins discovered. But you’ll need a solid understanding of electronics, an immense amount of patience, a steady soldering hand, and very low expectations of how your homebrew hardware will perform. Read More >>

Australia’s Terrifying Bushfires Are Turning New Zealand Glaciers Pink

For weeks now, Australia has been dealing with severe bushfires. They’ve engulfed the country’s largest city in smoke, threatening air quality throughout New South Wales and destroying key koala habitat. In New South Wales alone, more than 100 bush and grassfires were burning as of Friday. Read More >>

Why Did the Sloth Cross the Road? To Pose For This Year’s ‘Capturing Ecology’ Photo Contest

The British Ecological Society has announced the winners of its annual ecology-themed photo competition. From boas, birds, and birches, through to a three-toed sloth trying to cross the road, this year’s crop is a wondrous celebration of our planet’s remarkable diversity. Read More >>

Banksy’s Former Agent Reveals Artist’s… Shoes

A former agent and assistant of Banksy – who used to be friends with the artist but we suspect is not swapping banter via WhatsApp any more – has a book coming out about his years with the street artist, in which photos of the mysterious stencil expert are revealed. Of course there's a catch in that the images are all from behind or show the man with something over his head, as the art world doesn't really want to know that Banksy looks like a normal, mortal man. Read More >>

The Pixel 4’s Astrophotography Mode Is Pure Witchcraft

One of the biggest upgrades to the Pixel 4 has been the camera, and it's about time. Read More >>

The Year’s Best Wildlife Photos Remind Us Why Nature Is Worth Fighting For

Nature can be glorious, miraculous, and sometimes downright brutal. Not all of us get to witness the amazing feats of the natural world happening in the flesh, though. Luckily, we have wildlife photographers whose riveting images can help bring the wilderness into our living rooms. Read More >>

How Google’s Pixel 4 Is Trying to Stay Ahead in the Smartphone Camera Race

There was only one stand-out feature on the Pixel 3 phones: that fantastic (single-lens!) camera, which got better over time and made the Pixel 3a the best mid-ranger on the market too. Now Google has revealed the follow-ups, the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL – so can they keep the Pixels on top of the pile in terms of phone cameras? Read More >>

Researchers Created Lenses a Thousand Times Thinner to Hopefully Eliminate Ugly Smartphone Camera Bumps

Smartphones are currently plagued by a host of ugly design features that compromise aesthetics for functionality, including holes and notches in their screens, and protrusions on the back to accommodate camera optics. But those bumps might soon go away thanks to a team of researchers at the University of Utah in the US who’ve developed a radically thin camera lens. Read More >>