Guy Hacks Together a Piano From Chopsticks and Other Instruments and It Sounds Great

You don’t need a million pound Steinway piano to put on a captivating musical performance. You don’t even need a real piano, as Sami Elu proves, by hacking together recycled instruments, materials you’d find at a hardware store, and a bunch of unused chopsticks. Read More >>

Watch Stick Figures Dance Across an Interactive Piano Like They’re Playing it

Learning to play any instrument isn’t just about correctly following every last note on a sheet of music. Being expressive, and imaginative, is just as important to learn. That’s what led MIT’s Xiao Xiao and Hiroshi Ishii to develop Andante, which adds lively animated figures to a self-playing piano. Read More >>

A Pianist Recreates Popular Ringtones, and the Results are Actually Really Fun

Musician Tony Ann recreated popular ringtones—like the iPhone’s Marimba and T-Mobile’s jingle—with a piano. Hearing other people’s ringtones in real life is totally annoying, listening to their piano arrangements is quite nice (in a “hey, I know this tune but can’t quite figure out why I know it” sort of way). Read More >>

Do You Love Pianos and Whales Equally and Find it Hard to Choose Between Them?

There's a company called Whaletone. It makes electric pianos shaped like whales, complete with lids that open to create a bizarre dorsal fin effect. If you're super-rich and have a new basement that needs filling with expensive things that are bigger and better than the things your neighbours have, here you go. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Leave a Piano on the Street?

Heartbreak, that's what happens. The video, made by Anthony Sherin, captures the life of a piano left on the streets of New York City. It starts out nicely, people play a few notes, others join in and then... it gets ransacked and stripped to shreds. The saddest part is when a couple comes with dollies hoping to move the piano. The life and death of the mean streets, all in 24 hours. This is why we can't have good things. [NY Times via Neatorama] Read More >>

Amazing Piano-Playing Dogs Show They’re Just as Smart as Cats

They might be man’s best friend, but dogs get a bad rap. They’re always thought of as the dim pet; cats are meant to be much more intelligent. These dogs put paw to keys to show that slobbering on everything is not their only talent. Read More >>