CES 2019: You Can Ask Alexa to Change Sounds on Roland’s New Keyboard While Your Hands Keep Playing

Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa have been baked into a lot of questionable gadgets that don’t really need to be controlled through voice commands. But one device where hands-free operation makes a bit more sense is a digital piano where a user’s hands are preoccupied making music, so Roland’s adding Alexa to its new Go:Piano, letting performers change sounds and settings by just asking the virtual assistant to. Read More >>

There’s Now a Compact Version of The Roli Piano With Squishy Tube Keys

Roli's Seaboard brought some genuine innovation to electronic keyboards (not just another Rick Astley remix demo mode) with soft touch-sensitive keys giving musicians new ways to play. And now there’s a compact version called the Rise for those who don’t have room for 88 keys—err, tubes. Read More >>

Do You Love Pianos and Whales Equally and Find it Hard to Choose Between Them?

There's a company called Whaletone. It makes electric pianos shaped like whales, complete with lids that open to create a bizarre dorsal fin effect. If you're super-rich and have a new basement that needs filling with expensive things that are bigger and better than the things your neighbours have, here you go. Read More >>

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Watch a Japanese Pianist Battle a Holographic Version of Himself

Not since Donald Duck faced off against Daffy Duck in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? has there been such an epic piano battle as Japanese pianist Yoshiki squaring off against a holographic version of himself. Read More >>

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A Brilliant Madman Rigged a Player Piano to Score Classic Video Games

A YouTuber who goes by the name of 'roboband' has posted this delightful clip showing a couple of player pianos and a robotic drummer scoring and creating the sound effects for classic Nintendo games, in real time! Read More >>

The Pianocade Makes Sweet Music With the Konami Code

And to think your parents claimed you were wasting your life playing thousands of hours of video games as a kid. Little did they know you were actually building up important musical skills that could one day see you performing in the Royal Albert Hall — at least if they let you play this fantastic Pianocade keyboard/video game controller hybrid. Read More >>