How to Hack Google Into Making You One of Britain’s Sexiest Men

There's a small chance that one in ten of you have at some point Googled the phrase "Britain's sexiest man" to see who comes up, and if so, there's one bizarre anomaly waiting within the image results -- the admittedly quite well put together topless form of Tom Church. Read More >>

A Strange Blip in This Star Photo Could Be a New Earth-Like Planet Being Formed

Stare deep into the eye of this planetary disk because something is forming in there — something incredible. Read More >>

Twitter’s Finally Decided to Display Pictures Properly

Twitter has changed the way it displays images, and will now show entire pictures on your timeline, rather than cropped ones. Or, in Twitter’s words, “We’re making your timeline more immersive by uncropping photos [that we cropped in the first place], so you can experience and present them as they were meant to be viewed [but we decided to ruin].” Read More >>

8,000 HD Apollo Moon Mission Photos Dumped on Flickr

A long-running project to archive all of the photos taken by astronauts on the Apollo launches has come to its natural modern concussion -- they're all on the internet for idiots to say are fake and repurpose for their shit memes. Read More >>

Have YOU Phoned the Revenge Porn Helpline?

Did you know there's a specific governmental hotline dedicated to the support of those struggling to remove revenge porn of themselves from the internet? Well there is, and it's surprisingly well used too, with government stats claiming that around 1,800 people have called it since it was launched back in February. Read More >>

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NASA Captures North Sea Algae in Full Bloom 

Every summer, the population of algae in the North Atlantic reaches a peak, with the blue-green colour of the phytoplankton causing the ocean to visibly change, even from space. Read More >>

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Watch Art Enthusiasts Gush Over Cheap Ikea Print

A man has successfully spoofed a small part of the art world by convincing visitors to a gallery that a £10 Ikea print of a whale and a few bits of machinery is some sort of work of art by renowned artist Ike Andrews. As in, IKEA-ndrews. Read More >>

TwitPic Uploads Own Obituary Ahead of September Shutdown

Those of you who still use Twitpic's advert-covered throwback to the days before Twitter let you upload pics alongside tweets will soon be forced to dump it, with the service revealing it's to close at the end of September. Read More >>

This is What Your Average Instagram Picture Looks Like

If you've ever wondered what the average Instagram picture looks like, then wonder no longer. The web app Metagramme lets you create an average image based on the last 32 pictures you uploaded to Instagram. Read More >>

Government Pushed to Battle “Revenge Porn” in the UK

The UK's former culture secretary Maria Miller has asked MPs to consider toughening up laws on the posting of so-called "revenge porn" online, requesting that the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill laws are enhanced to introduce tougher penalties for those engaging in the shameful practise. Read More >>

MPs Blew £250,000 on Some Rather Poor Portraits of Themselves

A bizarre new waste of money by those in power has been uncovered, revealing that members of the government paid £10,000 to commission a portrait of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and similar sums to immortalise the likes of William Hague and Diane Abbott in oil. Read More >>

Freezing a Fighter Jet in Mid-Air with 30,000 Watts of Flash

It can be hard to take a good picture of something moving relatively fast, but it's really hard to take a good picture of a jet moving at 650-ish KPH through the sky. Yuri Acurs, stock photographer extraordinaire, tried to tackle that challenge with excess—in the form of 30,000W of flash. Read More >>

Using MS Paint to Show the Imagination of a Child Is So Adorable

Anyone with a ticking heart and an Instagram account takes too many pictures of their newborn. It's okay to be proud! It's okay to coo and adore and love and snap photos of your baby! But at a certain point, probably past the 700 mark, those pictures become variations of the same damn thing. Helpless baby lying on bed. Helpless baby lying on bed with mouth open. With arms raised. Crying. You get the point. Read More >>

Oh Right, Doctoring Photos Actually Still Takes a Long Time

At this point doctored and enhanced photos are so ubiquitous that we tend to assume any photo we're looking at has gone through some type of processing. And programs like Photoshop are always releasing new tools and features to make these changes easier. But revising a photo for positive or nefarious reasons still takes time and skill. Luckily, we can count on internet denizens to have a lot of free time. Read More >>