These Birds Evolved Feathers So Dark, They’re Like A ‘Black Hole’

If you’ve seen BBC’s Planet Earth, you may recall of one of its sillier scenes: the bird-of-paradise mating dance. A female hops up to a male, who unveils a mane of feathers and puts on a performance like a drunk rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at a karaoke bar. But when the male bird faces the camera, things go black—way black. Skip to 2:34 in the video below. This bird’s feathers are so black that you can’t see any of its facial features, just radiant blues on a sea of natural Vantablack. Read More >>

Scientists Think They’ve Figured Out Why Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Are Fading

The vibrant colours of many of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings—including his Sunflower series—have been fading over the last 100 years. Now a team of Italian scientists has come up with an explanation as to why the lead chromate dyes favoured by the artist when mixing his pigments degrade so much under light. They described their work in a new paper in Chemical Science. Read More >>

Scientists Discover the Key to Making Paint That Never Fades

A team of Harvard engineers are developing a way of producing colour that could produce paint that never fades, and displays that never go dark. Read More >>