Planetary Pillows Let You Sleep With Our Solar System

Instead of worrying about whether your throw pillows complement the colours in a room, head on over to Etsy where PebblePlush has a created a set of 12 pillows that look like the planets and other celestial bodies in our solar system. Science matches any decor, and you might even learn something. Read More >>

Star Trek Phaser and Tricorder Pillows Keep the Aliens Under Your Bed at Bay

Star Trek fans who refuse to acknowledge the superiority of The Next Generation, or the fact that there aren’t really any monsters under their beds, will want to upgrade their bedroom pillows to these plush phasers and tricorders that help ensure a better — and safer — night’s sleep. Read More >>

A Super Mario Bros. Plush Thwomp is Perfect for Pillow Fights

Do you remember the first time a Thwomp unexpectedly fell from the sky to end your life while playing Super Mario Bros.? Of course you do, it was as traumatizing as it was frustrating. But it also gave you a greater appreciation for Thwomps as an enemy to be feared, and a better understanding of why this cushion would be perfect for pillow fights. Read More >>

Breakfast in Bed? Drool Over This Sausage Pillow

Unless you have a particularly devoted partner (and one that has care only for your taste buds, not cholesterol levels), you can't expect to wake up to a fried breakfast every morning. But that's not to say the sight of sausages can't greet your sleepy morning head each and every day. Read More >>

Snore-Sensing Pillow Automatically Nudges You to Roll Over

It seems like snoring has become more of an epidemic than any of us have realized. At CES, Sleep Number revealed its IQ bed that lets bedmates silence a snoring partner. But now there's a pillow that can stop a deafening snorer all by itself. Read More >>

Sleeping In Public Just Keeps Getting Easier

Like ostriches themselves, the Ostrich Pillow is enigmatic and generally fascinating. Who would use it? Is it appropriate for children? Is it a sex toy? Hard to say! But it looks downright comfortable for napping. The only issue is carrying it. Read More >>

A Soft Squishy Lamp You Can Cram Anywhere (Even Under Your Head)

No one wants to be told what they can and cannot do in their home, even when it comes to lamps. So someone has finally found a way to stick it to 'big lighting' with a lamp that you can install almost anywhere. Our deliverer of illumination freedom is an artist named Simon Frambach who created the Soft Light from squishy polyurethane foam, allowing you to cram and squeeze it into any spot. Read More >>

This Camouflaged Binder Pillow Is Comfier Than Napping on a Keyboard

The 'Zzz... Zzz...' label is probably a dead giveaway, but if you lived life to the fullest last night and just can't keep your eyes open at work, this camouflaged binder pillow will provide a few precious moments of shuteye at your desk. Created by the geniuses at Donkey Creative Lab, the pillow will set you back just £17, and with a bit of liquid paper and a Sharpie you can easily relabel it to a more convincing 'TPS reports' or just NOT 'Zzz... Zzz...' [Donkey Creative Lab via 7Gadgets] Read More >>

The Best Travel Companion Since Sleeping Pills

We might have been divided on the useful merits of the original HoodiePillow, but this updated travel version strikes a perfect balance between portability, comfort, and its ability to block out all distractions. Read More >>

Oh Hell Yeah, You Can Buy Weapon Shaped Pillows for Your Next Pillow Fight Now

It's been over a year since we've seen these excellent weapon shaped pillows and if you've spent that year in pillow fight detente with your bed partner, we totally understand. But no more. It's about to get on and fluffing feathery. You can buy the weapon shaped pillows now. Read More >>

Get Intimate With a Ham Leg (Pillow)

Ham is so delicious maybe you actually want to make love to it. Medically, it's not recommended, but you can curl up in pork's warm embrace with the ham leg pillow. Read More >>

Not Even a Robot Would Find These Polygonal Pillows Comfortable

Designer Mika Barr apparently took their inspiration for these angular faceted pillows from the patterned creases seen when you unfold an origami creation. And even though they actually can't feel, we doubt even a robot would find these comfy. Read More >>

Pleo Makers Design a Self-Adjusting Robot Pillow

The same folks who brought you the Pleo robot dinosaur have decided to put their expertise with automatons into designing a pillow that provides a good night's sleep, no matter what position your body ends up in. Read More >>

Vintage Camera Pillows Let You Rest Your Head On Defunct Technology

Digital cameras now dominate the market, but there's still a place for the art and aesthetics of film cameras. Even if they're only used as a source of inspiration for a set of retroriffic throw pillows. Read More >>

Sleepyhead Gifts for the Person Who Can’t — or Won’t — Get Out of Bed

Some people just don't do mornings. You know this guy. He's always late for work, and he sleeps through the weekend. It's not laziness, it's an affliction. You love him, and he'll love these gifts. Read More >>