Long-Lost Worzel Gummidge Animated Pilot Rediscovered

People who remember the early 1980s will almost certainly have a funny story about nightmares induced by Worzel Gummidge, the TV programme starring a bizarre head-changing undead scarecrow that passed for family teatime entertainment back then. Read More >>

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Watching a Daredevil Pilot Fly This Low Is Absolutely Terrifying

If you’re a nervous flyer, you’re probably going to want to skip this video, because after watching YouTube’s Linkerius fly so low to the ground that it looks like he’s perpetually going to crash, you’ll be terrified of ever stepping foot on a plane again. Read More >>

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An Airline Pilot Captured This Beautiful Timelapse Footage of the Milky Way

As a passenger on an aeroplane, it’s not easy to shoot footage from your plane’s tiny window. But when you’re the pilot, with a large window to watch the night sky, you it’s possible to capture some amazing aerial footage of the Milky Way. Read More >>

Skynet 1 – Human Fighter Pilots 0, as AI Wins Dogfighting Test

A fortunately confined and non-rogue AI has just reached a new performance milestone, with a computer given control of a fighter jet in a simulation managing to outfight and defeat a human opponent. As if this hasn't been happening in After Burner for 30 years. Read More >>

Pilots Forget How to Fly Manually, Says Transport Authority

Don’t read this if you’re about to board an airplane. A new report by the US Department of Transportation warns that US pilot training no longer maintains their ability to fly commercial flights manually because of the abundance of autonomous technology inside the cockpit. Read More >>

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Watch This Bad Ass Guy Go Through a 9G Centrifuge test

Here’s a guy who just passed his 9G centrifuge test, going through four different bouts of 9 G-force and even lasting 10 seconds under 9G’s. High-G training is done to train pilots and astronauts to get them ready to deal with the crazy g-forces you feel when you fly (and to help you not pass out). Read More >>

BAE’s Digital Night Vision for Pilots Tested in the Real World’s Sky

BAE's Striker II digital night vision system is ready to be tested in the real world, with the next-generation HMD now being used in the dark, in an aeroplane, for real. Read More >>

RAF’s Reaper Drones Bombing Iraq for the First Time

The RAF's Reaper drone has dropped its first bomb in Iraq, as Gulf War XIV kicks off in a very hands-off manner. One Hellfire missile was fired at Islamic State targets, apparently hitting local fighters laying roadside bombs north of Baghdad. Read More >>

Five New Amazon Exclusives to Broadcast on August 28

Amazon's set to unleash a new batch of pilot shows at the end of the month, with the unknown properties battling each other for the public vote and the honour of being made into a proper series. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Solar Plant is Blinding Pilots

We probably should have seen this coming. At the Ivanpah solar power plant near Las Vegas, a massive glittering field of 170,000 garage door-sized mirrors reflects sunlight. And all those mirrors are making flying near Ivanpah not so fun—or safe. Read More >>

Untrained Passenger Lands Airplane After Pilot Falls Fatally Ill

In what must have felt like living through a scene from a Die Hard movie, an airplane passenger without any flight experience early yesterday morning had to make a daring emergency landing when the pilot fell fatally ill. Read More >>

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How a Fighter Jet Pilot’s Helmet Gets Made and Tested

Ever wondered how a fighter jet pilot's helmet works, displaying all those fancy graphics over his view? Or how it's tested to destruction? The BBC went behind the scenes at BAE systems to find out that if a helmet's a little too curved, it can pull a pilot's head right off. Read More >>

Prince Harry Qualifies to Use Enormous Chopper

The roguish Ginger Prince has upped his level of qualifications, managing to secure a full license to fly the UK Army's Apache helicopters in combat. Read More >>

How Does a Plane Crash Into a Lamp Post?

Everyone who drives a car eventually comes into a close encounter with a lamp post. Backing up, trying to parallel park, hey, it happens to all of us. And that's totally okay. What's NOT okay is if you're a pilot and you crash your freaking plane into a lamp post. How does that even happen? Read More >>