Emoji Passwords are Coming and They’re Harder to Hack and Easier to Remember

A UK company claims to have invented the idea of using a set of emoji to replace a PIN number, suggesting that our stupid brains find it easier to remember the silly drawing people face things -- and that the increased complexity of the emoji character set makes brute-forcing into our bank accounts substantially harder. Read More >>

26 Soviet Space Badges From the Heat of the Space Race

There was a time when people proudly wore pins and badges of notable space achievements on their clothes. Such badges were very popular in the Soviet Union—and anybody could buy almost any kind, choosing from a wide variety of these little decorative items. Read More >>

Why Don’t All Phones Have This Clever PIN Code Scrambler?

An upcoming build of the CyanogenMod operating system includes a simple but brilliant security feature called "Scramble PIN Layout." It's exactly what it sounds like: a way to scramble the keypad when you unlock your phone so that people can't peek at your keystrokes and learn your PIN. Read More >>

The 10 Dumbest ATM PINs Are Even Dumber Than You’d Think

In an age of mandatory password complexity and burgeoning biosensory protection, the idea of a four-number PIN for the cash machine seems almost quaint. That doesn't excuse the fact that the most popular PIN is still, yes, 1234. Come on, people. Read More >>

The 20 Most Common PINs Are Painfully Obvious

We already know people are really bad at picking passwords, but they're also god awful at choosing obvious, crackable credit card PINs. In fact, the most common four-digit code is not-so shockingly, 1-2-3-4. Come on, people. Read More >>