Pinterest Quietly Blocks All Vaccine-Related Searches, Which Is One Solution, I Guess

The anti-vaccination movement has become so widespread that the World Health Organization added it to its list of the top threats to global health in 2019. Social media companies are drawing criticism for not doing more to prevent the spread of misinformation about vaccines and Pinterest has come up with a novel solution: just don’t show vaccine-related search results. Read More >>

alex jones
Vimeo Removes InfoWars Content After Alex Jones Seeks Friendly Channels For His Media Empire

With few places to turn, Alex Jones started publishing videos more frequently at Vimeo last week. But it looks like he’s not wanted there either. Vimeo deleted a number of InfoWars videos over the weekend, citing violations of its terms of service. Read More >>

Instapaper Is Blocking Users in Europe Until It Figures Out New Privacy Rules

Instapaper has informed its European users that it will temporarily cut off their access to the platform starting today. The reason? This Pinterest-owned service needs more than the two years it had to comply with the European Union’s new batch of privacy rules that go into effect on 25 May. Sorry, Europe! Read More >>

Pinterest Should Die

I hate Pinterest. It’s a kind of loathing. Not the fiery wrath I feel towards injustice, or the cool hatred towards people who liked The Last Jedi and tell me I “just don’t get complex storytelling.” No, this is sort of loathing that feels like general full body ache. Like when you’re about to throw up or first got your period in school. It starts in the toes and goes straight up to the roots of my teeth. Whenever I google something and I see Pinterest in the search results that wave of dull loathing washes over me. Pinterest is the most useless form of social media available—remarkable when you consider Twitter exists. It is not informative. It does not gather people together. It is just a monster lurking in your search results, its rosy hued maw preparing to gorge itself on your clicks. Because you will never find what you seek on Pinterest. Read More >>

How Many ‘Focus’ T-Shirts Does Pinterest President Tim Kendall Own?

Happy Monday, folks! How you feelin’, dude? Pumped up? Ready to show the world who’s boss? Got to be in it to win it, right? Carpe that motherf*cking diem! You hear that? That’s the sound of a winner. Winning. Read More >>

Pinterest Bought Instapaper and That Makes Me Nervous

Pinterest, the site beloved by wedding planners and doomsday preppers alike, has acquired the original read later service, Instapaper. Read More >>

Meet the Mormon Survivalist Preppers of Pinterest

Pinterest is an aggressively wholesome social platform. Past the relentless arrangements of DIY barn-wedding souvenirs, there’s another Pinterest, one focused on surviving doom. Read More >>

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Pinterest Master

What Pinterest lacks in user numbers it makes up for in aspiration: beautiful buildings, artwork, crafts, technology, outfits and landscapes. Whether you’re a keen Pinterest user or a newcomer who’s in the early stages of poking around, here are 10 useful tips to improve your pinning experience and get more from the platform. Read More >>

The Solution to Awful iOS App Store Navigation is… Pinterest?

There are more than 1.4 million apps available on iOS and finding them can be an absolute nightmare. Now, Apple and Pinterest have announced a new collaboration that will mean users can 'pin' and download apps directly to and from Pinterest boards. Read More >>

Pinteresters Can Finally Talk to Each Other

Pinterest is fun for planning and daydreaming about all kinds of things, but it can turn into a compulsive solo habit. Now, though, Pinterest users can finally actually talk to each other. Read More >>

Apocalypse Preppers are Using Pinterest to Plan for the End of the World

Pinterest is a great place to plan for a fun birthday, a zesty cocktail party, a beautiful wedding, or… the apocalypse. No seriously, there's a whole subculture of so-called "Preppers" who maintain pinboards devoted to getting ready for the end of the world. It's more cheerful than it sounds. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Pinterest Ripoff Just Begs You to Buy Stuff

Amazon's got a brand new feature. It's Pinterest! Basically. Meet Amazon Collections. Read More >>

Presenting the Scientifically Perfect Pinterest Picture

Cool cucumber, weathered wood, crocheted doily—apparently these are the makings of the perfect Pinterest picture, according to a year's worth of research provided to Wired by data-crunching startup Curalate. Read More >>

Pinterest Mobile App Comes to iOS and Android Devices

Pinners, rejoice! Now that you've all joined the newly-public Pinterest, you can begin pinning on the go. Pinterest has just announced mobile apps for Android devices as well as the iPad. [Reuters via CultofAndroid] Read More >>