Lightning Earbuds With Built-in Charging Make Avoiding Wireless Slightly Easier

After the initial outrage of Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 died down, users not wanting to go wireless soon realised that using the phone’s Lightning port meant they could no longer charge while listening to music. Pioneer’s new Rayz Plus earbuds include a simple solution to that problem, but they’re still far from perfect. Read More >>

This Aluminium Box Is Pioneer’s Take on the Portable HD Audio Player 

While most people now rely on their smartphone for music, there’s recently been a steady trickle of portable HD audio players that provide the option of a little more sonic clarity. This is Pioneer’s new take on the idea, crafted from a slab of aluminum and stuffed with an Android OS. Read More >>

Pioneer Releases Apple CarPlay Firmware Update

Remember how Pioneer promised to bring Apple's CarPlay to its aftermarket infotainment systems? Well, now the firmware update to make it so is available for five of its 2014 NEX in-dash multimedia receivers. Read More >>

Pioneer TVs Returning to British High Street Through Dixons But No Sign of the Kuro

Spoken of in hushed, hallowed tones by home cinema enthusiasts, no TV range is as revered and highly sought after as Pioneer's discontinued Kuro plasma range. And now hopes of its revival have been lifted as the company announces its TVs will be coming back to the high street. Read More >>

Pioneer’s New HUD Brings Augmented Reality to Cars for Less Than £1,000

Just a couple of years ago, the idea of a device projecting information driving directions onto a car's windscreen seemed super futuristic. Now they're becoming a reality, with the European release of Pioneer's NavGate heads up display. Believe it or not, this one's actually pretty affordable. Read More >>

Spotify Connect
Spotify Connect: Sonos-Like Powers That Bend to Your Budget

Spotify is getting into the hardware game. The company is teaming up with a slew of great audio companies to bake Spotify right into Wi-Fi connected speakers. And it's not just speakers — the new system makes juggling your tunes between your phone, tablet, and computer a piece of cake, too. Here's the facile music experience you've been waiting for at a price you can actually afford. Read More >>

Pioneer’s New Soundbar Is Beautifully Simple and Wonderfully Cheap

Pioneer's new SB-PS23W is a soundbar the way most people want it: A simple, relatively inexpensive way to make a television sound louder. In that way, it's cut from the same cloth as the fantastic AirPlay speakers the company made last year (actually, it's got the some LA-based designer). It wasn't the first AirPlay speaker, but its design made it a winner. Read More >>

Digital DJs Can Say Goodbye to Wires Forever

Unless you're incredibly organised, it's highly likely that you have different music tracks dotted around different devices, which can turn digital DJing from a celebration of music to a mess of jumbled cables quicker than you can shout "tune". Pioneer's new digital decks, however, swap wires for Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Pioneer XW-SMA4 Ears-On: This AirPlay Speaker Also Plays With Your HTC One—Or Any Other Phone

AirPlay speakers are fantastic if you happen to be an Apple adherent. Otherwise, your best choice for wireless audio is crappy Bluetooth. Just yesterday, HTC introduced its AirPlay competitor, HTC Connect, and Pioneer is the first company offer products equipped for the standard. Are you ready for an HTC Connect speaker? Kinda sounds weird, huh? Read More >>

Pioneer’s Gorgeous-Looking Headphones Pack Up and Go With You Anywhere

There's something pleasing about a beautiful set of headphones—especially if they're portable, rugged, and made to travel. That in mind, Pioneer's got a couple sets of new cans for you to consider. Read More >>

The Latest Cutting-Edge Musical Tech Instruments

Musikmesse is Europe's premier annual music trade show, and tech companies were there in force last week to debut their latest kit. Today we separate the great from the good to show what your favourite bands will be using in the future -- are we looking at Bjork's next musical plaything in the AlphaSphere, above? Read More >>

The HTC Flyer Is Your 7-Inch iPad-Alternative on the Cheap Deal of the Day

The new iPad is on its way! We expect it’ll be pretty much like the last one – good-looking, fast, useful, but with a few features annoyingly absent and a £400+ price tag. Hmmm… Read More >>

Pioneer Gets All Up in Your Dash With its Android-Ready App Radio 2

Pioneer is one of the kings of car stereo, but the company has been looking for new ways to enhance how you and your car interact—and how your car interacts with your gadgets and specifically your smartphone. Read More >>

Pioneer’s New External Blu-Ray Burner Is Lighter and Thinner than a Burger

The Cloud may be a hot topic in storage but it's not very convenient when you've got more than a couple of gigs of data to back up. Pioneer's new external Blu-Ray burner can handle up to 128GB with its half inch-tall frame—the world's thinnest. Read More >>

Pioneer’s Audiophile-Grade N50 Audio Player Streams All Your Digital Audio Over AirPlay and DLNA

Once upon a time you would have bought a turntable, cassette deck, or CD player for your audiophile music setup. Wires and physical media? So archaic. That's why Pioneer now has the N50 AirPlay and DLNA compatible networked audio player, which should make your high quality audio files sound great. Read More >>