Research Claims Online Piracy is More Popular Than Ever

Despite the best attempts to quell online piracy and make sure people pay for their media, some new research has bad news. Bad news for the rights holders anyway, because the results suggest that online piracy is actually more popular than it's ever been. Read More >>

Research Claims There’s a Link Between Malware and Piracy Sites

You'd probably be forgiven if you took new research from Carnegie Mellon University with a dose of scepticism. Anti-piracy groups have tried to push this idea in the past, regardless of the evidence, with some even going so far as to claim dodgy streaming boxes can infect your systems with viruses and other nasty software. So when research claims that people perusing pirate sites have higher risk of malware infection, it might be tempting to scoff and dismiss it. Read More >>

Hollywood Demands Kodi Addon Developer Sign a Settlement Agreement, or Suffer the Consequences

If you recognise the name JSergio123, that might be because he'd a developer of Kodi add-ons that landed in the path of Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) an anti-piracy group that represents damn near everyone in the film and television industries - including Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Sky, and so on. Read More >>

Juggalo Valentine’s Day Hip-Hop Show Ends With Bar Getting 500 Notices for Illegal Downloads

Juggalos can’t catch a break. The misunderstood fans of the Insane Clown Posse have it hard enough with the FBI classifying them as a “gang.” Now, the proprietors of a bar in America are pointing a finger at the Faygo-loving clan after a Valentine’s Day gathering ended with the establishment receiving 500 DMCA notices for illegal downloads. Read More >>

US Government Science Site Becomes Prime Real Estate for Fake Movie Pirates 

The US National Center for Biotechnology Information website is an invaluable resource for finding scientific studies and papers. Recently, it also became a promotional vector for a potential phishing site offering pirated movie streams. Read More >>

Two eBay Sellers Fined for Selling Pre-Configured Kodi Boxes and Piracy Subscriptions

You can't walk into a shop and purchase an Android TV box pre-configured with piracy-enabling software, like those dodgy Kodi add-ons the entertainment industry is panicking over. Those tend to get shut down. So eBay and social media sites are popular ways of tracking one down. But even that's not safe for the sellers, with two eBay sellers managing to collect fines of £18,000 and £8,000 respectively. Read More >>

Anti-Piracy Group Releases Video Falsely Claiming Pirate Sites Are the Leading Cause of Malware Infection

Today is Safer Internet Day, which is designed as an informative exercise to educate the public about the dangers of the internet and teach them how to be safer online. To commemorate this Industry Trust for IP Awareness, in collaboration with children's charity Into Film, has released a video warning of the dangers of malware. Read More >>

Whoops! Virgin Media’s Been Caught With Piracy Software in One of its Stores

We all know about Virgin Media, the telecoms giant that offers all sorts of things - including television services. While there are plenty of things you can get from the company, the TV bit is especially relevant today because one of its stores has caused a bit of a snafu. All because someone spotted notifications from a piece of piracy software as they were passing by. Read More >>

Kodi Box-Maker Dragon Box is Being Sued For Facilitating Piracy

The battle against piracy is never ending, but these days rights holder are opting the more sensible approach of tackling the problem at its source - rather than going after the people doing the pirating. One big part of this has been dealing with people trying to profit from hardware and software designed to access premium content without paying. Dragon Media Inc is the latest one, and they're facing a lawsuit from big names in Hollywood. Read More >>

Netflix and Spotify are a Threat, Not a Solution to File Sharing, Claims Pirate Bay Co-Founder

For a lot of people, piracy is an option because content creators don't seem willing to make their content easily and affordably available. That's why streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and so on are so appealing. The monthly subscription fee gives you unlimited access to a catalogue of content that you can enjoy free from any guilt that you're breaking the law. Read More >>

Sky Hands Man an £85,000 Bill After Boxing Match is Streamed on Facebook

There are a lot of consequences for piracy, though these days they tend to be aimed at the people who make it possible rather than those of us who take part. People hosting servers, managing streams, and so on. Rights holders naturally don't like them, so do whatever they can to punish them once they get caught. Read More >>

Unsurprisingly Games of Thrones Was the Most Pirated TV Show of 2017

The new year comes with many different things, like a hike in train prices, and having to deal with the half week before your bins get emptied again. It also comes with the many stats about the year just gone, including confirmation that Game of Thrones was once again the most pirated TV show of the past 12 months. Which shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Read More >>

UEFA Also Has a UK Court Order to Block Illegal Kodi Streams With Impunity

If you, or anyone you know, got given a seemingly-magic set-top box with the ability to watch pirated football streams this Christmas, you might want to look away. Just like the Premier League before it, UEFA has now secured a court order that lets it block illegal IPTV streams of its matches here in the UK. Read More >>

A New Crimestoppers Campaign is Going After Dodgy Kodi Add-ons

Everyone living in the UK has heard of Crimestoppers, that organisation that lets acts as a buffer between people and the police - letting us report crime with complete anonymity. Now it's getting involved in the whole dodgy set-top/Kodi box situation with a new campaign. Read More >>

raspberry pi
That Latest Piracy Fearmongering Attacks Raspberry Pi

These days there is a lot of interest in the topic of illegal streaming, and you don't have to try very hard to find news about the so-called 'illicit streaming devices' (often referred to as Kodi boxes) and the kind of things they let you access without having to pay. Obviously Hollywood has a vested interest in you nor illegally streaming, so it's trying to convince you that it's a bad thing. Read More >>