You Can Stream Torrents Through The Pirate Bay Once Again

Streaming on the Pirate Bay probably won’t be as easy as clicking play on Netflix – or as legal – but it’ll definitely be free. Read More >>

the mandalorian
The Mandalorian Has Topped the Piracy Charts in the Few Days Since Launch

Disney+ launched in a small handful of regions this week, and while everyone else waits for it to drop, they've turned to piracy. Read More >>

Football Fans Befuddled When it Comes to the Legality Live Streams

Football fans claim not to recognise the difference between legal and illegal streams. Read More >>

You Won’t Be Able to Pirate Switch Games Now That Nintendo Has Won a Court Case to Have Pirate Sites Blocked

Nintendo has been granted an injunction in the UK that will force the major internet providers to block a handful of piracy sites where you can download Switch games. Read More >>

Affordability and Availability, Not Enforcement, Will Help Decrease Piracy Rates Claims Captain Obvious Study

Piracy is a big deal according to rights holders, who will task many hours of effort and much money into preventing people from being able to access their content via illicit channels. But a new study claims legal options are the best way to combat would-be pirates. Read More >>

Russian Man Who Tried to Burn Down Offices of Internet Regulator Reportedly Gets Probation

Earlier this month, a court in Russia’s Ulyanovsk Region sentenced a man to one and a half years’ probation after he reportedly tried not one, not two, but three times to burn down the regional offices of national internet regulator Roskomnadzor, with Interfax reporting (via TorrentFreak) that one local said he had done so to seek revenge over blocking of piracy sites. Read More >>

Study on Amazon and Fake CDs Makes Sweeping Claims After Testing Fewer Than 100 Albums

It’s no secret that Amazon struggles to keep fake products off its online marketplace, and it has for a while now. So when a new study made headlines this week for supposedly finding that a quarter of CDs “Fulfilled by Amazon” are knock-offs, it wasn’t exactly a shocker. But this alarming statistic becomes decidedly less so when you realise how many counterfeits these researchers actually found: nine. In total. Read More >>

Game of Thrones’ Last Season Was so Hotly Anticipated That It Saw a Global Surge in Traffic to Pirate Sites

We all know that pirates love Game of Thrones as much as anyone else, and it seems that the final season was even more popular, with a visible increase in global traffic to pirate sites. Read More >>

The Art of Pirated Software

If you grew up in the age of BBSes, chances are the image above (or something like it) is familiar to you—a big splashy piece of artwork made with only ANSI characters, often accompanying a piece of software some faraway group of kids had cracked for all to use. Read More >>

ISPs Will No Longer Be Sending Out Copyright Infringement Notices

Copyright notices being sent out from ISPs is now a thing of the past after the program was shut down by music and movie companies. Read More >>

The Premier League Tackles Illegal Streams in Ireland After Winning an ISP Blocking Order

During this season of football, the Premiere League is continuing to stamp out pirated steams - this time in Ireland. Read More >>

The Number of Requests for Piracy Sites to Be Blocked in the UK Has Been Dropping

Despite being pretty heavy on blocking the shit out of everything fun on the internet, the UK has seen requests for ISPs to block pirate sites dwindle over the past few years. Read More >>

Lawyer Gets 14 Years in Prison for Extorting Millions From Porn Pirates

So ends one of the strangest piracy cases of the past few years, with lawyer turned lawbreaker Paul Hansmeier catching a whopping 168-month sentence for his role in a bizarre extortion scheme targeting internet users who downloaded porn. Read More >>

Police Warn Football Fans Not to Watch Free Europa League Final Streams

Tonight is the final of UEFA's Europa league, with Arsenal going head to head with Chelsea for the privilege of being the best team that wasn't good enough for the Champion's League. People like to tune into to big sports events, and that inevitably leads them to pirate streams - something the police are strongly warning against. Read More >>

game of thrones
Whoops, Game of Thrones Allegedly Leaked Again

Game of Thrones has just three episodes left to air, and clips from one of them are reportedly already circulating online hours before its premiere tonight, according to reports in Deadline and Variety and posts on Reddit’s “Free Folk” board. Read More >>