Busted Movie-Ransoming Pirates Show There May Not Be a Lot of Money in This Racket

In recent weeks, both Netflix and Disney have been threatened by movie pirates who demanded a ransom in exchange for not leaking big ticket films and shows. In both cases, the companies have refused to pay. The producers of India’s most successful film of all time were also the victims of blackmail, and six suspects were arrested this week. Read More >>

A Student Got Suspended from Uni Wi-Fi for Illegally Downloading Chicken Run of All Things

Everyone knows that piracy is bad, and you can get in trouble for illegally downloading films. But how far would you have to go to actually face the repercussions? For one student, all she needed to do was download a copy of Chicken Run. Read More >>

German Court Rules Parents Must Turn Over Their Kids for Torrenting

A German court has ruled on a copyright infringement case that dates back to 2011 and the verdict has disturbing consequences for parents. The ruling found that parents must identify their child by name as the one responsible for downloading a torrent or they will be held responsible for the violation. Read More >>

This Doc About One of The Internet’s Biggest Pirates Actually Made Me Feel Sorry for the Guy

The man who created Megaupload got insanely rich via morally dubious means. So it’s pretty amazing that the new documentary about the German-born hacker-turned-millionaire generates any sympathy. But it does, by sketching out an easy-to-swallow narrative alleging that powerful corporate and government forces systematically set out to destroy his life. Read More >>

Lawyer Found Guilty of Extorting $6 Million From Porn Pirates in Elaborate Scam

Notorious copyright trolls Paul R. Hansmeier and John L. Steele were indicted by US authorities back in December on multiple charges of fraud. The two were accused of running a complicated scheme in which they preyed on people who illegally downloaded porn. Today, one of them admitted his guilt in a plea bargain. Read More >>

The New Plan to Stop Internet Piracy Is Just the Old One on Steroids

After four years, the US's “six strikes” Copyright Alert System was shutdown for good last month. Now, a body of content makers and distributors are asking US lawmakers to update the DMCA system that has allowed for a more open internet with stricter rules that would require ISPs to block content. Read More >>

Google And Microsoft Agree To Demote Pirated Content In The UK

Sorry, pirates: soon your wares will be harder to find on UK search engines. Google and Bing have agreed to a voluntary code of practice that'll see infringing content including films, music and sport pushed down the search results. Read More >>

Man Arrested for Selling Hacked Kodi Builds

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for supplying hacked media boxes to UK viewers, with his Ooberstick creation landing him in quite the amount of trouble with broadcasters and the law. Read More >>

shaming sham
Lawyers Accused of Extorting $6 Million From Porn Pirates in Elaborate Scam

Two lawyers were indicted yesterday on charges of fraudulently targeting internet users who illegally downloaded porn with copyright violation notices and extorting about $6 million (£4.8 million) in phony settlement fees. Read More >>

the grand tour
New Report Says The Grand Tour is the ‘Most Illegally Downloaded’ TV Show Ever

Inconsistent as the first series has been so far, we all know that The Grand Tour is proving rather popular. Unfortunately for Amazon, millions of viewers have been downloading the big-budget show illegally. Read More >>

Authorities Just Shut Down What.CD, the Best Music Torrenting Community

Torrenting’s long goodbye just claimed another victim.

Copyright Police Have Kodi Boxes in Their Sights

It seems the case of one man ending up in court for selling 'pre-loaded' Kodi boxes isn't going to be an isolated case. It turns out Kodi boxes, and their capacity for streaming copyrighted content, are going to become key targets in the fight against piracy. Read More >>

YouTube-to-MP3 Converter Site Sued by Major Record Labels

A number of major record labels — including Universal, Sony, Capitol and Warner Brothers — are suing YouTube-mp3.org for every single instance of piracy the audio-ripping site has allegedly facilitated. Read More >>

‘Pre-Loaded’ Kodi Boxes are Facing Legal Scrutiny

There are a lot of great things you can do with Kodi boxes, but one part of why the system is so popular is that certain unscrupulous individuals can use the software to access copyrighted material without paying. Now copyright law means it's facing a bit of legal scrutiny in the UK. Read More >>

Bitcoin is the Film Industry’s Latest Weapon Against Piracy

You might hear less about it these days, but digital piracy is still very much in vogue. Read More >>