Disney Is Reportedly Looking to Reboot Pirates of the Caribbean

What happens when the latest instalment of your multi-billion dollar franchise grosses less than $200 million domestic? Yup, it’s time for a reboot. Read More >>

X Antencio, Disney Animator and Co-Writer of the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Music, Dies at 98

Xavier “X” Atencio had a remarkable career with the Walt Disney company, from his early days in the 1930s working on films like Pinocchio to his later days working on rides like Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. But Atencio reached the end of the ride this weekend. He died on Sunday at the age of 98. Read More >>

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Will Stop Selling Women, and it’s Long Overdue

Pirates of the Caribbean, the Disney Parks ride that later became Johnny Depp’s regular paycheck, is finally getting rid of the intensely creepy moment that is the Wench Auction, and the only real issue is why it didn’t happen sooner. Read More >>

Geoffrey Rush Reflects on More Than a Decade of Piracy on the Caribbean

After five movies playing a ruthless pirate, you might think an Oscar-winning actor like Geoffrey Rush would be tired of it. He is not. He relishes playing Captain Barbossa, the longtime nemesis of Jack Sparrow, because he believes Pirates of the Caribbean is the rare franchise that stands out in a world dominated by franchises. Read More >>

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Will Remind You Why You Love (and Hate) These Movies

Like the ocean it takes place on, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has had plenty of ups and downs. These metaphorical seas have been so rough, in fact, that some people don’t even remember there was a fourth film in 2011, On Stranger Tides, even though it grossed a billion dollars worldwide. I’m happy to say the fifth film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, is probably the best film in the franchise since the very first movie... even though that’s not a particularly high bar. Read More >>

Lego’s New Pirates of the Caribbean Ship Can Open Itself Up Like a Skeleton’s Ribcage

Pirates of the Caribbean 5's Super Bowl trailer gave us a look at an amazing ghost ship in the film, captained by Jack’s new rival, the undead Captain Salazar. Now, Lego has revealed it’s turning the Salazar’s ghost ship into a humongous new model—one that can open itself up just like the one in the movie, which is incredibly freaky for a ship. Read More >>

Captain Jack Is Back In the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Super Bowl Spot

The first teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was mysterious. No Captain Jack, an evil new enemy, and a warning. Now, the Super Bowl commercial has revealed much more. Including the return of a muddy Jack. Read More >>

From Super Mario Bros. to Uwe Boll: The Ugly Behind-the-Scenes History of Video Game Movies

Few Hollywood announcements are treated with such fierce-yet-wounded anticipation as video game adaptations. Full of incredible artistry, instantly-recognisable characters and an increasingly-mature approach to storytelling, you’d be forgiven for thinking gaming is a medium particularly well suited for making the jump to the silver screen. But history tells another story. Read More >>

Pirates of the Caribbean Box-Set is Your 5-disc Deal of the Day

There's no pirate quite like one who drink-drives huge boats on the sea, full of rum, legs withered into wood, chattering parrots and bon homie, mixed with a oddly universal Ipswich accent. The Pirate Bay and Somali pirates aren't nearly as glamorous are they? They need to start dressing in fancier clothes. Read More >>

Toy Story and Other Disney Blu-Ray Box Sets Are Your “To Infinity and Beyond” Deal of the Day

Just for a while, what's say we forget about all the evil and sickness that infects Mother Earth, transporting ourselves instead to a quieter, happier place where the only peril is of the mild variety -- the world of Disney movies. Read More >>