Police Break Up Illegal US Streaming Network That Dwarfs Netflix’s and Amazon Prime’s Libraries

Two of the minds behind the U.S’s largest pirate streaming services, iStreamItAll and Jetflicks, have pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement charges, federal officials said Friday. Now we all can rest easier knowing there are a few less bad actors getting one over on multi-million-pound giants like Netflix and Disney. Read More >>

The Creator of Popcorn Time Finally Revealed Himself

Love it or hate it—but you probably love it—Popcorn Time is a revolutionary app. And Federico Abad, the 29-year-old Buenos Aires-based developer who created it and just granted his first international interview about the “Netflix for torrents,” seems like a pretty rad guy. Read More >>

This is What Happens When a Bootleg Website Falls

Bootleg websites, usually tucked away in some shady digital corner filled with pornographic pop up ads and potentially malignant viruses, are a permanent fixture on the internet. Offering up buckets of illegally free content, these sites' creators are the reason why publishing execs toss and turn in their sleep. Read More >>

I Wouldn’t Pay for 2013’s Most Pirated Movie Either

On the heels of Torrentfreak's most pirated TV shows of 2013 is their list of most pirated movies. Not surprisingly, the list doesn't exactly represent the refined cultural taste you might hope. Read More >>

This Is Why People Still Pirate

People still pirate things. Of course they do. Because, despite 14 post-Napster years of piracy in the mainstream, studios still don't get it. Consider the £50-odd Dark Knight Trilogy boxed set that's just gone up for pre-order: Read More >>

Game Of Thrones Was 2012’s Most Pirated Show

If you spend any time on the internet at all, this shouldn't shock you: Game of Thrones was the most pirated show of the year. Read More >>