Red Bull Pitstop
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Why Yes, It Is Possible to Change All Four Tyres on an F1 Car in 2.05 Seconds

Next time you go to your local tyre shop, demand a 'Mark Webber change', just like this. During the Malaysian Grand Prix last month, the Red Bull team managed to break records. Not with the fastest car or anything like that, but with the fastest pit stop, where all four wheels are changed, ever made. In just 2.05 seconds. Incredible. That's barely enough time to stop a car, let alone anything else. Read More >>

F1 pit stop
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How Do You Perform the Perfect F1 Pit Stop?

These days, pit stops can make or brake a race. Hell, four wheels, some minor wing adjustments, and even a steering wheel change, can all be completed in under three seconds. But that's only possible using the latest tech, materials, and some serious organisation. Here's a sneak peak into what happens in that crucial three seconds. Read More >>