Does the Pixel 4 Have a Bending Issue?

So far, aside from concerns about its face unlock working even when someone’s eyes are closed, the Pixel 4's launch has been smoother than Google’s previous phones. However, in a recent video, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything may have uncovered a potential issue with the latest Pixel. Read More >>

The Best Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Deals Available on UK Networks

Tomorrow is the day that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL hit the shop shelves, letting you go out and buy the phone for yourself and see what Google's latest handset has to offer. If you like the look of the phone, and can get over the giant black bar at the top of the thing, then you will probably be wondering how much the thing is going to cost you. A lot is the answer, but when it comes to smartphones that seems to be the most common answer. Read More >>

Google’s Live Action Caption Feature Is Rolling out the Pixel 4 at Launch

Google's live caption feature is coming soon, exclusively on Pixel 4. Read More >>

Everything Google Announced Today

In a somewhat unconventional spectacle that included a fireside chat about the company’s environmental initiatives and photographer Annie Leibovitz dropping by to talk about smartphones, Google’s Pixel 4 event in New York today included few surprises, and at times, even fewer details on its new hardware. Read More >>

Google Pixel 4 Leaks Purport to Show Huge Front Bezel, Cutout for Mystery Component

Google’s forthcoming Pixel 4 series smartphones will have giant bezels on the front of the device containing space for some kind of mystery component, according to images leaked on Twitter. Read More >>

New Renders of the Google Pixel 4XL Reveal Tweaks That Pixel Users May Not Like

Following on from the bona fide shots of the Google Pixel 4 last month courtesy of Google itself, a Twitter leaker has knocked up renders of the Pixel 4XL. Read More >>

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Google’s Pixel Can’t Win on Software Tricks Alone

After four generations of Pixel phones, one might imagine that Google with its vast resources and massive reach would be enjoying a similar position to what Apple enjoyed following the launch of the iPhone 4, or at least something close to that. But even after accounting for a wildly different gadget landscape and the passage of a decade, the Pixel line still struggles mightily against its biggest competitors, accounting for just 2.3 percent of the US smartphone market compared to 27.4 per cent for Samsung and over 50.5 per cent for Apple. So what gives? Read More >>