BBC Decides VR is Dead Too

The BBC, at the end of a very long post about how committed it has been to VR productions, has said it is abandoning VR productions, with its in-house VR Hub to close this year after one final launch. Read More >>

pixel 4
Pixel 4’s Face Unlock Works When Your Eyes Are Closed; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Not to be outdone by Apple’s Face ID, Google’s equipped its upcoming fourth generation of Pixel phones with facial recognition tech so that all you need is that adorable mug to access your device. And, just like its competitor, Google still seems to be working out the kinks. Unlocking your Pixel 4 may be a bit too easy; apparently you can do it with your eyes closed. Read More >>

How Google’s Pixel 4 Is Trying to Stay Ahead in the Smartphone Camera Race

There was only one stand-out feature on the Pixel 3 phones: that fantastic (single-lens!) camera, which got better over time and made the Pixel 3a the best mid-ranger on the market too. Now Google has revealed the follow-ups, the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL – so can they keep the Pixels on top of the pile in terms of phone cameras? Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Is Redefining the ‘Smart’ in Smartphone

After three generations of Pixel phones, Google wants the Pixel 4 to be the start of a new era. Read More >>

Everything Google Announced Today

In a somewhat unconventional spectacle that included a fireside chat about the company’s environmental initiatives and photographer Annie Leibovitz dropping by to talk about smartphones, Google’s Pixel 4 event in New York today included few surprises, and at times, even fewer details on its new hardware. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are Here, and Here’s Everything You Need to Know

We feel like we all already know what the Pixel 4 is all about, thanks to the myriad of leaks that have hit the net over the past few months. But now the big Made by Google event is here, and the phone has been unveiled. Here's everything you need to know. Read More >>

How to Skive Off Work and Watch Google’s Pixel 4 Launch Event

Today is the day that Google launches the Pixel 4, and probably a bunch of other stuff too, as part of its 2019 'Made by Google' event. Obviously there's a big event that a bunch of important people (and journalists) have been invited to, but most people have to sit at home/work and find out all that new information some other way. Fortunately there is a way for you to tune in without getting out of your chair. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Won’t Come With USB-C Earbuds or a 3.5mm Adaptor

Nobody was really happy when the phone companies decided that the headphone jack was to be made extinct, but the blow was softened by the fact they started throwing in 3.5mm adaptors and USB-C (or Lightning, if you're an iPhone user) earbuds into the box. But that trend is slowly dying off, and it seems Google is sticking to that trend for the Pixel 4. Read More >>

Pixel 4 Key Specs Leak Ahead of Official Launch Tomorrow

Another day, another dawn. The sun rises, the cock crows and more details leak on the Google Pixel 4. Where previous civilisations used such unsophisticated methods as flowing water, running sands and swinging pendulums to measure the passage of time, today we do so far more accurately by recording the seepage of information from Google. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Has Been Leaked to Death, So Here’s Everything Else We Know About Made By Google 2019

After months of teases and leaks, there’s a lot we know about the Pixel 4. But the Pixel 4 isn’t the only thing we’re expecting to see at the upcoming Made By Google Event on Tuesday, October 15th at 3 p.m. BST Read More >>

Purported Leaked Pixel 4 Demos Show Off Improved Google Assistant

As the self-appointed “friend who looks everything up,” I’m open to any app or update that might make my constant fact-checking less of a production. With the “new Google Assistant” on the Pixel 4, issuing a command or query may become as simple as raising your phone and asking away. Read More >>

Report: Google Contractors Used Shady Methods to Scan Dark-Skinned People’s Faces for New Pixel 4 Feature

With the Pixel 4, Google will reportedly be introducing a face unlock feature akin to Apple’s Face ID for the iPhone. A few months ago, it was reported that Google was actually hitting the streets for “field research,” paying volunteers in $5 (£4) Amazon or Starbucks gift cards to scan their faces to improve the upcoming feature. Now, a Daily News investigation has found that Google contractors targeted people with ‘darker skin’ – including the homeless and university students – all while playing fast and loose with consent. Read More >>

Leaks and Code Clues Suggest Google Has More Nifty Camera Features Planned for Pixel 4

While Google still hasn’t set an official date for its annual autumn product showcase, thanks to inside sources and a recent APK teardown, we may have just got a preview of some new camera features set to debut on the Pixel 4. Read More >>

Hands-on Video Leak Gives Best Look at Pixel 4 Yet

With a mere month left to go until its official reveal, the Pixel 4, while not quite as leak-prone as the Pixel 3 that came before it, has still had its fair share. Read More >>