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Watch What Happens When Thousands of People Battle to Make Pixel Art at the Same Time

The world was given a slight reprieve from the unbearable antics of April Fools’ Day this year given the festivities fell on a Saturday. But Reddit also did its part to make April 1 a little more bearable with a collaborative art project that saw thousands of users painstakingly creating pixel art, one tile at a time, on a giant million-pixel canvas. Read More >>

Make Impressive Pixel Art With Just a Google Spreadsheet

Pixel art, the digital equivalent to old-school pointillism, can be an incredibly tedious to make if you don’t know how. That’s why coder Amit Agarwal’s new Google Sheets trick is so impressive. It allows you to take any 300x300 image and turn it into an in-browser masterpiece. Read More >>

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Ipswich Immeasurably Improved by Zelda-Style 16-Bit Map Reworking

This beautiful place is, incredibly, the UK town known as Ipswich. It's been given a thorough reworking by designers working on behalf of local music and arts festival Switch Fringe, who have given it a superbly stylish Zelda spin. Read More >>

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Watch This Delightful, Colourful Animation of Cameras Past and Present

If your day has lacked colour and joy up until now, perhaps this animation will brighten things up—especially if you are into cameras. Read More >>