Pixel Slate: Google Might Have Finally Made a Near-Perfect Chrome OS Device

After years of trial-and-error Google has finally done what we’ve all asked for and made a Chrome OS tablet. It could be the perfect device for the barebones operating system. Read More >>

Google Revealed the Pixel Slate, But Told Us Absolutely Nothing of Note

Google insists that tablets are basically just big phones pretending to computers, throwing some subtle shade at the likes of Apple who seem to think tablets are the future. It also has lots of nice things to say about ChromeOS, so it's merged the two together, to create a tablet running ChromeOS that should be actually useful. Cue plenty of bragging,lots of fluff, and no actual information Read More >>

Apparently Google’s New Chrome OS Tablet Will be Called the Pixel Slate

Android tablets have always been the focus of some criticism, because the OS isn't properly optimised for large screens - which can be problematic for some apps. It's a wonder why Google never bothered with a tablet that can run Chrome OS, rather than limiting it to laptops, but it's been known for a while that something is in the works. Now it's being claimed that the tablet itself will be called the Pixel Slate. Read More >>