The Really Blue Google Pixel Finally Comes To The UK

Remember October 2016? The world seemed like such a different place. The US was on track for its first ever female president, none of the Brexit tech price rises had kicked in yet, and George Michael was still with us. Read More >>

UPDATED: Google Is Stopping Production Of The Pixel, Says Telus

Update: Google has responded to this story - see our edit at the end. Read More >>

Google Bans Hundreds of Accounts For Participating in Pixel Tax-Dodging Scheme

Google suspended hundreds of accounts used by people trying to take advantage of a US sales tax loophole in order to make a profit on the resale of Pixel phones. Although the accounts were restored after a few days, this creates an unsettling precedent for Google users. Read More >>

The Google Pixel is Too Dumb and Ugly to Replace Your iPhone

The Pixel is the first Google phone built from top to bottom, and the company thinks it’s finally made the Android device that can conquer the iPhone. It’s a valiant effort, but is it enough? Read More >>

The 5 Coolest Announcements From Google’s Pixel Phone Event

The much hyped Google gadget event has come and gone, and left us with an impressive haul of new gear. Here’s the coolest stuff from today’s keynote. Read More >>

Pixel and Pixel XL: Google Declares War on Samsung and Apple

It’s war - that’s the message from Google this evening as it has torn apart the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact it signed with Samsung, and has sent its troops on a blitzkrieg towards not just Cupertino - but South Korea. Read More >>

Google Pixel Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

Google has finally caught up with the world's retailers and networks by announcing the Pixel and Pixel XL (soon to be known as the Pexel?), a new pair of Android smartphones set to battle it out with the best on the market. Read More >>

Here Are the Pixel and Pixel XL in Silver and Blue

Google Magic aside, we like to think we know the majority of what there is to know about the pair of Pixel phones that are set to launch later today. Up until now, however, we’ve only really got a good look at the (fairly humdrum-looking) silver version of the handsets. Read More >>