We Might be Seeing the Next iPhone on 12th September

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 launch is out of the way, it's time to turn our attention to the other company flagships set to arrive before the end of the year. First up is the iPhone 8, which a new report claims will be unveiled on 12th September. Read More >>

Google Bans Hundreds of Accounts For Participating in Pixel Tax-Dodging Scheme

Google suspended hundreds of accounts used by people trying to take advantage of a US sales tax loophole in order to make a profit on the resale of Pixel phones. Although the accounts were restored after a few days, this creates an unsettling precedent for Google users. Read More >>

Chinese Hackers Pocket Thousands for Cracking Safari, Pixel and Flash

A Chinese bounty-hunting hack-fest has seen some of today's hottest new things -- and Flash -- hacked to pieces once again, with the wunderkinds walking away with a total prize kitty of more than £400,000 for making their hacks public. Read More >>

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How to Make Battery Percentage Visible on Your Pixel Phone

A quick look at Reddit has shown us that lots of people who either own a Pixel phone or touch themselves while flicking through stories about it really want to know how to get the handset to show battery percentage, and not just a small, partially coloured-in icon. Read More >>

The Google Pixel is Too Dumb and Ugly to Replace Your iPhone

The Pixel is the first Google phone built from top to bottom, and the company thinks it’s finally made the Android device that can conquer the iPhone. It’s a valiant effort, but is it enough? Read More >>

The Google Pixel Will Have an Unlockable Bootloader After All

One of the selling points of Android has always been that you can go inside and fuck about with it, without incurring the wrath of the technological overload in charge of things. When Google announced its first in-house smartphone, the Pixel, there was concern that those days would be over. Thankfully, this is not the case. Read More >>

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Raspberry Pi

The hard-working developers behind Raspbian OS, the custom-made Linux distro tweaked for the Pi, have announced a major update called Pixel (short for Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight, if you’re wondering). It’s now the default OS offered for download by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and here’s why you should give it a try. Read More >>

The 5 Coolest Announcements From Google’s Pixel Phone Event

The much hyped Google gadget event has come and gone, and left us with an impressive haul of new gear. Here’s the coolest stuff from today’s keynote. Read More >>

Google Just Tricked Hundreds of Thousands of People Into Listening to a Computer Science Lecture

Google Day! Aren’t you so excited about new phones? You know what’s more exciting than new phones? Computer science research. Read More >>

Google Pixel Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

Google has finally caught up with the world's retailers and networks by announcing the Pixel and Pixel XL (soon to be known as the Pexel?), a new pair of Android smartphones set to battle it out with the best on the market. Read More >>

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Grab a Box of Tissues and Watch Google’s Pixel Launch Live From 5pm RIGHT HERE

Google’s doing a thing tonight, and if you’ve got nothing better planned and YouTube doesn't break, you can watch it LIVE. Read More >>

Here Are the Pixel and Pixel XL in Silver and Blue

Google Magic aside, we like to think we know the majority of what there is to know about the pair of Pixel phones that are set to launch later today. Up until now, however, we’ve only really got a good look at the (fairly humdrum-looking) silver version of the handsets. Read More >>

Google Pixel Leaks Featuring Something Called ‘Google Magic’

On Sunday night, a Canadian phone company accidentally posted a preorder page to Google’s super secret phone project, the Pixel. Then Carphone Warehouse leaked even more pictures. Now it appears US network provider Verizon has also accidentally posted early images of the phone. In the smartphone section of the Verizon Enterprises site — the sector of the company that sells plans to businesses, not consumer — the Pixel and the Pixel XL are listed for sale. Read More >>

Now Carphone Warehouse Has Tried to Ruin Google’s Pixel Party

If Carphone Warehouse suddenly and mysteriously disappears from the first page of Google’s search results for the term ‘carphone warehouse’ in the near future, here’s why. The retailer (presumably) accidentally published the details of the Pixel and Pixel XL, which are due to be unveiled at an event tomorrow. Read More >>

Canadian Company Ruins Google’s Super Secret Phone Reveal

Google did a whole fancy hush-hush thing about a new phone the company is birthing that is totes not a Nexus. It rolled out a cryptic website the other week with little information except for that the release date would be October 4th. Read More >>