After Nearly Perfecting It, Google Is Abandoning the Tablet

Google isn’t killing all tablets, but it will no longer be making its own tablets. It’s a crying shame as Google’s merging of Android and Chrome OS for last years abysmally reviewed Pixel Slate was perhaps the perfect tablet OS. Read More >>

Uh Oh, Looks Like Google’s Hardware Team Might Be in Trouble

Over the past few years, Google has been pushing deeper into the hardware business with products like the Pixelbook, Pixel Slate, multiple Google Homes, and of course, Pixel phones, with the latter getting a big boost thanks to Google’s $1.1 billion (£820 million) acquisition of tech and personnel from HTC last year. Read More >>

What to Expect From Google’s Pixel 3 Hardware Event

In less than a week’s time Google will be holding court in New York to reveal some less-than-mysterious new hardware offerings. Those Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones might have been thoroughly leaked ahead of next week’s gathering, but what other surprises has Google managed to keep under wraps? Read More >>

Google Is Maybe Kinda Trying to Get the Pixelbook Windows 10 Certified

Google’s laptop-tablet hybrid Pixelbook has been given high praise by critics and users for its functionality and design, but the device suffers from one critical flaw: It runs Chrome OS, Google’s own, underpowered operating system. New reports suggest that may change soon, as Google is supposedly exploring the possibility of getting the Pixelbook certified to work with Windows 10. Read More >>

What’s the Point of a Pixelbook? Why Would Anyone Pay £999 for a Chromebook?

For the past few years, Google has been pushing Chrome OS onto the world. It's exactly what the name suggests — an operating system based on Google Chrome designed to be fast, secure, and simple. Emphasis on the simple, because Chrome OS doesn't have anything like the kind of features you'd get with Windows or OSX. To the point where I can't not see it as a gimmick. And for that very reason, I have no idea why anyone would pay £999 for a Pixelbook. Read More >>

The Google Pixelbook Made Me Rethink My Existence

I had to change how I think because of Google’s new £1,000 Pixelbook. This gorgeous 2-in-1 is some of my favourite hardware for the price, but it’s loaded with Chrome OS, the worst operating system you could put on your computer. If you’ve grown up a power user of MacOS, Windows, or Linux than Chrome OS feels like getting cut off at the knees, and hardware can’t possibly distract you from how hamstrung Chrome OS is compared to its more mature competitors. So, in order to not spend another Chromebook review complaining about the severe inadequacies of Chrome OS, I decided to think like an ideal Chrome OS user. It was worse than that time I tried to stop drinking soda, but as painful as living a wholly different existence was it made one thing very obvious: If you are an ideal Chrome OS user this is the very best laptop you can buy. Read More >>

Google’s Day of Ripping Off Other Companies

From the moment Google’s big product event kicked off on Wednesday, it seemed as if every speaker was attempting to temper expectations and say, in not so many words: “We get it, you’ve seen this before. But this time... Google’s doing it.” Read More >>

Google Wants to Sell You a £900 Chromebook

At today’s big event in San Francisco Google confirmed what we’ve all know for the last two weeks: It has a slick looking new Chromebook, and it costs $1200 (~£900). However Google crucially expanded on those early details and has revealed a Chromebook that might actually be worth it’s sky high price tag, unlike the last $1000-plus Chromebook. Read More >>