Guess the 8-Bit Classic Van Gogh Artwork

A man has had an idea for a thing to do with his days and call art. He's taking old paintings from dead people that usually cost millions of pounds, and recreates them in a sort of modern pixel art fashion so they're cool enough for the kids to like. Read More >>

Flick Pixels Makes Big Screens Out of Buttons

A man has figured out a way of turning pretty much anything into an individual pixel that could be used to build up a huge display, combining tiny magnetic actuators with fabric buttons to flip them around. All you then need is a controller to manage the pixel-flipping and anyone can spell out rude words on a massive scale. Read More >>

Pixels Review Round-Up: Game Over?

The new Adam Sandler film is out in a couple of weeks. No, don't go away – this one seems to have an interesting premise! Pixels is the story of three former pro-arcade gamers who have to save the world when the video games they played in the Eighties are recreated by aliens trying to invade Earth. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Q*Bert all feature... so that sounds cool... right? Check out the trailer: Read More >>

How Good is Your Eye for Pixels? This Game Will Tell You

Anybody who's done a little bit of graphic design takes pride in being able to spot the dimensions of an image. But how good are you really? Pixactly, "an online tool that tests how well you know your pixels", will now show you in five quick rounds. Read More >>

Squid Skin is the Secret to Wearable Camouflage Screens

A team at Rice University, Texas, claims to be breaking ground in the race to provide instant cloaking devices that blend shy men further into the background at parties, with its "squid skin" tech using tiny aluminium nanoparticles to sense light and output RGB images. Read More >>

Forget Hot Air: Disney Parade Floats Could Soon Fly Under Drone Power

The Disney theme park empire is always working to stay on the cutting edge of spectacle tech, and judging by some recent patent applications, The Mouse has his eye on the skies: Disney's R&D teams want to use drones for their theme park parade floats and aerial displays. Read More >>

Why You Should Never Use Pixelation to Hide Sensitive Text

Pixelation is great for hiding faces and covering up nakedness, but it's not good for disguising text. It's so bad, in fact, that it might not even protect you at all. Read More >>

Disney’s Pixelbots Turn a Flat Surface Into a Moving Dot-Matrix Display

When you think of Disney animation, you probably envision cartoons drawn either by hand or computer. You probably don't think of little light-up robots that zip around a tabletop to make dot-matrix designs. But that's exactly what Disney Research came up with in Display Swarm, a research project that makes an animated display out of mini robotic pixels. Read More >>

How do Computers Translate 3D Worlds Into Pixels?

Computers love to think in triangles to create 3D representations of the real world—but how do you represent those intelligently constructed objects as flat 2D shapes on a screen? This video describes exactly how 3D models are turned into pixels. Read More >>

LG’s Made a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Smartphone Display with 538 PPI

Hot diggity. LG just announced an insane 5.5-inch smartphone screen that has pixels that must be made from some sort of mixture between dense diamond sparkles and unicorn blood paint. More seriously, the 5.5-inch AH-IPS LCD display's resolution is 2,560 x 1,440 (Quad HD) and packs 538 pixels per inch. That makes it the highest resolution and ppi for a smartphone panel ever made. Read More >>

This Is What Each Season Looks Like in a Million Pixels

If you think you're looking at colour palettes of different shades of brownish gray, you're not exactly wrong. I'm sure people would love to paint their bathroom Roman Rotunda Slate or some made up name like that. But it's not that simple. You're actually looking at the seasons—spring, summer, autumn and winter—and you just don't know it. Read More >>

How Michael Crichton Gave Birth to the Movie Pixel

Pixelation: we rely on it today to obscure nudity and lewd gestures on TV. But did you know that we have a 1973 Michael Crichton sci-fi film called Westworld to thank for the image-blurring digital effect? Read More >>

This Fantastic Website Shows How Far Mars Really Is from Earth (Spoiler: It’s Faaaaar)

This ingenious website made by David Paliwoda shows how far Mars is from Earth in a metric all us Internet lovers understand: pixels. If Earth was a 100 pixels wide, how far would Mars be? To start off, the moon would be 3000 pixels away (and 27 pixels wide). Mars? Read More >>

Check Out The Whole History of Display Resolutions In One Big Stack

Computer screens have come a long, long way in the past decade and a half. With all these retina-grade, impossible-to-discern-the-pixels resolutions floating around, it's hard to believe we used to deal with displays as low as 640x480 back in the day. This is what all that resolution evolution looks like all in one place. Read More >>