People Have Been Using British Airways to Fly Pizza from London to Nigeria

Remember that email you had from a Nigerian prince who just needed a bit of help to release his fortune? Well, maybe it wasn't quite so far-fetched, given the latest story out of the African country. Read More >>

Valentine’s Themed Food Onslaught Continues With Asda’s Heart-Shaped Pizza

Supermarkets everywhere are trying to capitalise on our frugal natures these days, offering their own take on the romantic Valentine's Day dinner that would normally require a lot of effort or a trip to a nice restaurant. Asda is taking a slightly different approach, though. It's just launched a pizza shaped like a heart and decorated with smaller hearts. Because a regular round pizza just won't do. Read More >>

Asda Now Does Takeaway Pizza

Getting takeaway pizza just got a lot cheaper with the news that Asda is teaming up with JustEat to deliver its £6 pizzas to your doorstep. Read More >>

Four-Inch Pizzas Might be the Future’s Grim Healthy-Eating Norm

Public Health England may be about to trigger food rioting in the streets, as it's revealed that it's had discussion with the food industry about limiting calorie counts in some servings. The ambition is a 20 per cent reduction in calorie load in some of the most fat-carrying danger foods by the year 2024, and they're doing it for the kids apparently. Read More >>

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Dominos Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Check Pizza Quality Because This Is Clearly What It Was Made For

On a scale of "surely this isn't a real thing" to "what is actually happening right now" this latest announcement from professional pizza pushers Domino's is definitely a "wait, what?". Read More >>

The Most Interesting Part of Apple’s New £4 Billion Campus Is a Pizza Box

This morning, Wired magazine published an early look into Apple’s brand new spaceship campus. The giant circle features the kinds of ridiculous details you might expect from Apple, like sliding glass doors that weigh 440,000 pounds each and 9,000 trees supposedly durable enough to survive the forthcoming climate crisis. Read More >>

The President Of Iceland Wants To Ban Hawaiian Pizzas

We can add a new name to 2017's roll call of terrible world leaders - if we can spell it - Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, president of Iceland. Read More >>

The Most Important Pizza News You’ll Read Today

You've been eagerly watching your app, waiting for your delivery after a long day. It arrives. You lift the lid, only to be greeted by the wafting smell of disappointment, the lightest smattering of toppings and a luke-warm pizza that won't even burn the roof of your mouth. What even is the point? You may as well go hungry. Read More >>

Incredible! Domino’s Completes First Delivery of Terrible Pizza by Drone

On Wednesday, Domino’s achieved a major milestone in automation when it successfully completed the first commercial delivery of a sad pizza you instantly regret ordering by drone. Read More >>

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Making an Edible Pizza Beer Koozie Is the Only Kitchen Skill You Need

Do you have zero skills in the kitchen? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it doesn’t hurt to have at least one dish you know how to make. But don’t waste your time with grilled cheese, pasta, or soups when a beer can koozie made from pizza is useful on so many levels. Read More >>

Domino’s Pizza the Latest Company to Pretend Drone Deliveries are Real

Using New Zealand as a test location, as it's sparsely populated and not so many people might be decapitated were it to go rogue, Domino's Pizza claims to have made a delivery of a disc-based food product by a drone. This is definitely how things are always going to be done from now on and not just a weird stunt. Read More >>

These Pizza Boxes Turn Into Working, Greasy DJ Decks

That sad, empty feeling when the last slice of pizza gets eaten might be a little easier to bare now that UK Pizza Huts will be packing its grub in special boxes that turn into a pair of playable DJ decks, complete with mixer, letting you follow up dinner with some jams. Read More >>

Why Pizza Is Objectively the Best Food Ever, Don’t Judge Me

Pizza is the best food ever invented. It’s cheap, it’s greasy, you can put whatever you want on it, and it satisfies that craving to destroy your body. It’s so good in fact, that it’s the only thing I haven’t fallen ill from eating in all my 26 years of eating food. Read More >>

Sweep Everything Off Your Desk and Make Room for This Lego Pizza Hut Machine

The latest addition to Astonishing Studio’s line of “sets Lego should really be making” is a miniature Pizza Hut that dispenses personal pan pizzas after you feed it money using a working currency slot. Imagine having pizza on-demand at your desk at all times, suddenly you’ll look forward to going to work. Read More >>