Humans, Not Rats, May Have Been Responsible for Spreading the Black Death

The Black Death, a plague responsible for killing around a third of the population of Europe during the 14th century, spread to millions of humans by rats that carried infected fleas—right? That’s the story we’ve long been told by historians. A new study upends this conventional thinking, however, showing that humans, and not rodents, were the primary spreaders of the dreaded disease. Read More >>

A Child in the US Has the Plague

A child residing in Los Angeles County, California, is recovering from the plague and public health agencies are searching the wilderness for the source of the infection. Read More >>

Why Do People Still Get the Plague?

The Black Plague is a horrifying disease, confined to centuries gone by, right? One of history's more gruesome blips, never to return? Wrong on both counts. It's out there, and it's not going away any time soon. Read More >>

Pet Dog Infected Humans With the Plague in Colorado

A dog has managed to trigger a local plague outbreak in the US, after a poorly coughing pitbull terrier spread the germs to its owner and several vets called in to treat it. Read More >>

US NIH Discovers Even More Dangerous Pathogens in Recent Lab Sweep

This past July, we reported that the National Institutes of Health found vials filled with smallpox in a Maryland lab. The potentially disastrous discovery prompted the agency to check on all its labs to make sure no other fatal diseases were lurking about. It turns out there were. Read More >>

Plague DNA Found in Ancient Tooth Suggests Black Death Isn’t Dead Yet

You've undoubtedly heard about the Bubonic plague, but the chances of you knowing next to anything about the Justinian plague are significantly slimmer. That's because no one really knew anything about the Justinian plague—until recently, that is. Now, two ancient, plague-ridden teeth are finally teaching us a little more about one of the worst pandemics in history—including the fact that another outbreak could be just around the corner. Read More >>

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This Is What a Plague of Locusts Actually Looks Like

A plague of locusts sounds like the kind of biblical torment that we'll never really need to worry about. But they're real, they happen — and boy do they cause trouble. Read More >>

Crossrail Tunnelers May Have Found the Remains of 50,000 Black Death Victims

Archaeologists working in and around the Crossrail tunneling efforts that are currently cutting London a new hole have made a shocking discovery, which could be the tip of an iceberg consisting of some 50,000 plague victims. Read More >>