Here’s Our First Look at Kitty Hawk’s Ambitious Autonomous Air Taxi 

While the rest of us are still waiting for self-driving cars to become available, Google cofounder Larry Page and self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun are already working on the Next Big Thing™ with Cora, the pilot-less air taxi from the ambitiously named Kitty Hawk aircraft company. Read More >>

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Watch These Modern-Day Wright Brothers Make a Classic Little Tikes Toy Car Fly

Sometimes the question, “Can I do this?,” is far more interesting and exciting than asking, “Should I do this?” The RC hobbyists behind YouTube’s FliteTest channel understand this truism, and wondered if they could get the classic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe ride-on toy to fly. Read More >>

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Standing This Close to a Fighter Jet Taking Off Must Sound Unbelievable

A big part of snapping a memorable photo is being at the right place at the right time. So to capture one of the US Navy’s Blue Angels F/A-18 Super Hornets taking off, aviation photographer Norman Graf parked himself at the end of a runway. He undoubtedly got some amazing shots, but the sounds and shockwaves he experienced must have been far more memorable. Read More >>

Ryanair Says it Probably Won’t Detonate its Business to Make a Point About Brexit

You'll never guess what. Ryanair has backtracked ever-so-slightly over its boss's pronouncement that he'd like to ground his fleet to teach Brexit voters a lesson, with the flier saying it'll try not to deliberately make anyone's life harder or stop them going to nice places. Read More >>

A Brilliant Toy Hacker Turned the G.I. Joe Cobra Rattler Into an RC Plane That Actually Flies

If you grew up in the ‘80s watching G.I. Joe (a.k.a. Action Force) and playing with the toys, you undoubtedly remember the Rattler, Cobra’s workhorse fighter plane. The original toy version was powered by imagination, but Adam Woodworth’s upgraded version—which actually flies—is instead powered by servos and ducted fan engines. Read More >>

MoD Pays Millions for Scaring Chickens to Death

The Ministry of Defence has been inadvertently contributing money to the UK's farming industry, with figures showing it has paid out nearly £2m in compensation to farmers in possession of petrified animals. Read More >>

London City Airport is Getting an Upgraded Air Traffic Control Tower — 80 Miles Away From All the Planes

London’s cramped City Airport, located in the heart of the city, is undergoing a massive upgrade, including the addition of a fancy new air traffic control tower. But to maximise the airport’s limited space, that tower is actually being built 80 miles away, and will rely on 14 high-def cameras to give remote ATC crews a virtual view of the far-off airport. Read More >>

Norwegians Break BA’s Flight Speed Record

One of the bulbous nose-jobbed planes belonging to the Norwegian airline fleet has broken a flight speed record previously held by British Airways, with the Norwegian 787 making the New York-to-London run in record time. As long as you don't count Concorde. Read More >>

BA Removes Reclining Option From the Cheap Seats

British Airways is about to take action against the very worst type of traveller, with the seat-recliners of the world soon to discover their seats can no longer be rammed back into the faces and knees of the passenger behind. Read More >>

US Airlines Decide All Your Checked Smart Luggage Must Become Real Dumb, Battery-Free Luggage

Leading U.S. airlines have all agreed that all your expensive smart luggage is dumb luggage now, CNN reported on Wednesday. Carriers including American, Delta, and Alaska are requiring customers remove lithium-based batteries from the bags and carry them personally before stowing them in their aircraft, citing the risk that the batteries could start a fire that burns through other luggage—with one big problem being that the batteries in many smart luggage lines are non-removable. Read More >>

A Computer Error Let Every American Airlines Pilot Take Christmas Off

Travelling over Christmas is already a nightmare, but for people flying American Airlines during the last two weeks in December, things may have just gotten a whole lot worse. Read More >>

EasyJet is Putting its Faith in Electric Planes

In this modern world electric cars get all the attention, because they're already a viable method of transportation with new advances coming all the time. But there's still the problem of commercial planes, which generally use massive amounts of kerosene-based fuel to get off the ground. Thankfully some progress is being thanks to EasyJet. Read More >>

BA Pilots Tugged Off Electrically

British Airways has a new tech thing that's a little bit interesting, with a few of its short-haul bays at Heathrow now featuring electric tugs to push planes out of the gate and into the scary world of the runway. The plan is to roll them and their charging bays out across the country by the end of the year. Read More >>

Lightning Strikes Belfast Plane

Being struck by lightning while being 30-odd thousand feet in the air inside a metal bird is surely one of the most pants-wetting scenarios you can think up, but for 74 passengers flying from Belfast to East Midlands, that's exactly what happened. Read More >>

BA Flyer Charged Double for “Strong” Cup of Tea

A loophole that's presumably been in place for decades has finally made a profit for British Airways, after the airline charged a passenger double the usual price for a cup of tea because he requested an extra strong cup. Read More >>