BBC Blue Planet Is Back For 2017 – And So Is David Attenborough

After a 16-year wait, the sequel to 2001's The Blue Planet will be coming to BBC One later this year. Originally announced as 'Ocean,' the BBC's seven-part series will in fact be called Blue Planet 2. Read More >>

The BBC Has a Mini Planet Earth II Coming to Snapchat

The BBC's epic tale of things eating other things then having sex and dying is coming to Snapchat, for some odd reason, with a specifically built version of the nature documentary set to arrive on the social sharing format on February 17. Read More >>

Planet Earth 2 is More Real Than You Realise: We Speak to Producers to Find Out how It’s Made

Back in 2011, BBC's Frozen Planet documentary attracted controversy after using 'fake' shots of a polar bear and its cubs that were actually filmed in a zoo. The BBC explained how they got the footage in a behind the scenes video on the Frozen Planet website and denied misleading the audience. Read More >>

2016 Ends With a Plague of Locusts, But At Least Planet Earth Were There To Film Them

Ah, 2016, you've been pretty hideous all things considered. So it is perhaps only fitting that the year is more or less ending with a plague of locusts, on a pretty much Biblical scale. Read More >>

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Watching Glow-in-the-Dark Fungi Grow is Damn Amazing

That’s it. I’m leaving the country. Since Planet Earth II isn’t available stateside yet, I can’t in my right mind live here knowing that there are other people in this world enjoying the soul lifting freedom that comes with seeing all this beyond-gorgeous footage of our world and every creature in it. Just watch this clip from the latest episode, “Jungle,” showing glow-in-the-dark fungi sprouting up in a time lapse. It’s unreal. Read More >>

What’s The Point In Wasps?

If you watched Planet Earth 2 last night then like us, you'll have been horrified by the evil wasps, stealing tadpoles before they had even hatched. Read More >>

The Most Insane Moments in Last Night’s Planet Earth 2 Episode 2, “Mountains”

Last week we couldn't resist sharing with you some of the most brutal moments from the first episode of Planet Earth 2, the BBC's astonishing new nature series. And it appears that the spectre of death resonated with our readers. so we wanted to do the same this week. Read More >>