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Chill Out With 10 Full Hours of Relaxing Planet Earth Mountain Footage

When shooting a documentary, the vast majority of what you film gets edited out of the final production. But instead of letting thousands of hours of breathtaking footage go to waste, the creators of Planet Earth II have re-purposed hundreds of breathtaking mountaintop shots into this 10-hour-long relaxation tool. Read More >>

Planet Earth
BBC Orders One More Helping of Planet Earth Before Attenborough Hits 100

It’s no surprise to hear that the BBC is reportedly planning a third series of Planet Earth, to be made ahead of Sir David Attenborough’s 100th birthday in 2026. Read More >>

Giraffe Fucks Up Lion

You might think: Giraffe is a weak creature. Silly tongue, flimsy legs, small brain. If you were thinking this about Giraffe, you are wrong. In fact, Giraffe is strong. Giraffe is killing machine. Giraffe take down lion. No mercy from Giraffe. Read More >>

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Sloths are Amazingly Fast Swimmers When They’re Chasing Sex

Sunday night was the first episode of Planet Earth II, hosted by universally beloved nonagenarian David Attenborough. The six-episode series was filmed in 40 countries over three years, and whatever it cost, it was worth every god damn penny. Read More >>

The Planet Earth II Trailer Is Just Incredible

While humans are terrible, animals are universally good. Let the trailer for the new Planet Earth II uplift you, contemplate the restfulness of the weekend, captivate your mind, turning your thoughts far away from the darkness of the human world to the beauty of the animal kingdom. Read More >>

When You Think of Beautiful Things, Don’t Forget Earth

Scott Kelly posted up a STUNNING picture of Earth earlier this week, with a fitting caption: “When you think of beautiful things. Don’t forget Earth.” Read More >>

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This Graceful Drone Flight Reveals the Gnarled Reality of Antarctica

Antarctica looks amazing from space—but this video shows that its gnarled canyons and caves look equally impressive close-up, too. Read More >>

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Watching Kids Narrate Planet Earth Is the Most Adorable Thing

David Attenborough narrating Planet Earth? Snooze. Okay, not really but he's definitely not as adorable as these kids narrating Planet Earth. You'll hear about cheeseburgers, watch a headphone struggle and see creative ways to pronounce 'David Attenborough'. Read More >>