Apple’s First TV Show Looks Like a Cry for Help

Apple, a company that makes pretty good phones and computers, is diving into the world of original content for some reason. The company just released the first teaser trailer for its new show, “Planet of the Apps,” and the experience of watching it is similar to what I’d imagine being slowly lowered into a vat of acid feels like. Read More >>

Apple’s Decision to Cast Jessica Alba in its Reality Show is an Outrage

Some things are sacred. Some things should only be touched by the meaty, all-knowing fingers of the men who know them best. Some things are just so pure and sacred and special that they’re worth getting all worked up over. Read More >>

Apple’s First TV Show is Called ‘Planet of the Apps’ 

When we first heard Apple was getting into the TV making business, it was an interesting idea. When we heard its first show was all about apps, it was less so. Now, we have the name: Planet of the Apps. Somehow I have a feeling Pierre Boulle’s estate did not sign off on this. Read More >>