Check the Route of Tomorrow’s RAF Flyby, and See if Anything Will Pass Your House/Workplace

Tomorrow is the day that's been set aside to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the RAF, which is 100 days after its official 100th birthday. Clearly doing something big to celebrate on the 1st April was a risky endeavour. So there's going to be a big parade, and flyby involving 25 different RAF aircraft that will look suspiciously like a military coup given what's going on in the government today. While the main event is happening at Buckingham Palace, you might be able to see something from your own house - just as long as you live along the flight route. Read More >>

Three Prices-up iPhone 5S — Minimum Spend is £99 Upfront and a £37 a Month Tariff

UK mobile network Three has joined EE and O2 in announcing its pricing for the iPhone 5S, revealing there's going to be a minimum upfront fee of £99 regardless of which option you take. The good news is, unlimited mobile data's then yours for £37 a month.. Read More >>

EE Prices up iPhone 5S, Minimum Upfront Fee of £49 Required

After the networks opened their iPhone 5C pre-order campaigns last week and O2 gave us a hint of the horrors to come in terms of 5S pricing, 4G specialist EE has now published the amounts of money it wants off us should we want an iPhone 5S this Friday. Read More >>

iPhone 5C Pre-Orders Open in the UK Today; Here are the Numbers of Pain

The UK mobile networks have all opened up their iPhone 5C pre-orders today, letting rampant Apple fans upgrade to or sign up for the newest model. How many arms and legs are you going to have to assemble and exchange for that slightly better thing? Read More >>

Pay More As You Go as Vodafone Profits From Rounding Up Calls

Vodafone's about to make a rather huge change to the way it charges its PAYG customers for calls, with the network deciding to start charging by the minute rather than the second. And it's rounding everything up. Read More >>

O2 Separates Phone From Minutes to Satisfy Upgrade Cravings

The new O2 Refresh contract option from the mobile network sees it offer customers a separate contract for their calling plan and mobile phone, making it less of a fiddle to switch handsets mid-contract. Read More >>

Ryanair Gets in on Call Credit Sales With VOIP Chat App

Cheapo airline Ryanair has launched a mobile VOIP chat app, letting iPhone and Android users call each other through a wi-fi connection in a sort of budget Skype style. Read More >>

Virgin Media Blends Home and Mobile Calling With SmartCall Wi-Fi App

Virgin Media has announced a new converged mobile calling plan it's calling SmartCall, a system designed to let you use your land line calling allowance on your smartphone through an app and any Wi-Fi connection you can borrow or steal. Read More >>

T-Mobile’s Global Roaming Data Deals Start at £1 a Day for 3MB Across Europe

T-Mobile has joined O2, Vodafone and Three in offering a capped mobile data plan for travellers, so its users don't end up with a £150 phone bill for daring to send a horrified Tweet from the streets of Magaluf. Read More >>

Vodafone Lets You Access Your UK Calling Plan Across Europe, for £3 a Day

Vodafone has joined O2 in offering a new cross-Europe mobile data and calling option, designed to help put an end to the sheer terror we feel upon landing in another country and imagining how ludicrous our next phone bill will be should we dare check Twitter in a moment of weakness. Read More >>

O2 Goes On & On With New Unlimited Mobile SIM Deal

O2's launched a new mobile contract option its calling On & On, which gives new and existing users an unlimited number of calling minutes and texts, plus the chance to use the data part of the bundle when tethering another gadget. Read More >>

T-Mobile Launches ‘Full Monty’ Plan With Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Data

T-Mobile has launched a new calling and data plan it's calling The Full Monty, which it claims is the first in the UK to remove all restrictions and fair use monitoring from mobile data, calling minutes and SMS messages. Read More >>

GiffGaff Unlocks Tethering Potential With Gigabags Mobile Data Plans

Budget people-powered mobile network GiffGaff is about to launch a new product it's calling Gigabags -- a data-only SIM package built specifically for mobile web users. Read More >>