Plastic Bags Might Soon Cost You Twice As Much

We've still not got over the scandal of having to pay 5p for a carrier bag, but prepare to be doubly annoyed soon: a new report says that the price of a plastic carrier bag is set to rise to 10p. Ten whole pence. Read More >>

The Plastic Bag Charge Could be Extended in England

The government has been pretty happy with the way people have stopped taking armfuls of plastic bags, now that we have to pay 5p for them all, and it might be extending that charge as a result. If Theresa May and Michael Gove get their way, the charge could soon apply to all retailers. Read More >>

Apple Continues Green Push by Scrapping Plastic Bags

Modern, sexy, progressive Apple has decided it’s time to start taking our planet’s plight seriously, and looks set to replace its plastic bags with paper ones. A leaked company-wide email titled ‘Goodbye plastic. Hello paper’ details the company’s grand plans. Read More >>

Companies Can Dodge the 5p Plastic Bag Law by Chopping Off the Handles

The Card Factory has confirmed that it’s been getting around the 5p carrier bag law by simply doing away with handles. Regulations state that companies with 250 or more full-time members of staff have to charge at least 5p for a unused plastic bag with handles, that happens to be 70 microns thick or less. Read More >>

Oldham Geniuses Avoid 5p Plastic Bag Charge by Stealing a Third of Tesco’s Shopping Baskets

We can understand people being miffed at the recent introduction of a 5p carrier bag charge across supermarkets in England, but it’s getting really difficult to justify some of the reactions we’ve seen. Following the news that some Tesco stores in London have started security tagging carrier bags to prevent thefts, it’s emerged that a supermarket in Oldham has had to adopt the same measures, only with shopping baskets. Read More >>

Plastic Bags, Ranked: What’s the Best 5p Supermarket Carrier Bag?

If you haven’t heard yet, what the hell have you been up to for the last 24 hours or so? Shoppers in England now have to pay 5p for plastic bags, and everyone’s really pissed off about it. Read More >>