Evian’s Made a Strange Bubble Thing to Keep You Hydrated at Home

Bottled water has been one of the early casualties of the war on plastic, because obviously it's pretty damn wasteful to get a whole new bottle every time you need a hydration cylinder. Read More >>

Guinness Magically Holds Fours Beers Together Without Plastic

Guinness brand owner Diageo no longer wants its products to be associated with garroting exotic wildlife on deserted overseas beaches, and is about to usher in a new, entirely cardboard era of holding together four cans of the famous Irish export. Read More >>

Attenborough May Have Saved the Sea With Plastic Horror Stories

The people of the UK have taken heed of the sad stories of seals with beer can things around their necks and whales that have got confused and eaten bin liners they thought were jellyfish, and we are, as a nation, making personal efforts to reduce the amount of plastic we lick out the salty contents of, then bin or flush down the toilet, each day. Read More >>

Morrisons Makes Paper Bags Available to Everyone

Remember when Morrisons said it would trial paper bags in 8 stores in Wales to see if they went down well with consumers? Well, they clearly did, because the supermarket has announced today it's rolling them out to all of its stores across England and Scotland. Read More >>

473 Bin Bags of Wet Wipes Removed From Thames Shoreline

Some Londoners who own wellies had a fun day out on the Thames in March, where they spent an enjoyable day mudlarking for... wet wipes and sanitary products. The Romans left pipes and pots. We're leaving a reef of plastic fibres because we think the toilet is a bin. Read More >>

Tesco Tests Letting People Touch Apples

Tesco is jumping on the horsedrawn plastic-free vegetables bandwagon, and is launching a trial to see what happens when shoppers are confronted by naked fruits vegetables that may therefore have been touched by the hands of staff members or squeezed by a previous shopper. Read More >>

Welsh Lidl is Getting Rid of Bags for Life Because People Only Use Them Once

After banning its 5p reusable plastic bags in 2018, Lidl has announced its Welsh branches will also be jettisoning the 9p bags for life, because people are using them like 5p bags instead of switching away from plastic. Read More >>

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What’s the Worst Trash Humans Produce?

The world is trash. Even leaving aside the garbage of regular citizens—the many stadiums’ worth of human waste, plastic cups and pill bottles, scrapped cars and dead dogs dispensed of every day, every hour of every day—there is the world-withering, endlessly-accumulating waste of the industrial variety, which could toxify every inch of the globe, or at least those few inches that haven’t been toxified already. There is such an astonishing quantity and variety of waste coursing in, around and above the planet that it can be easy to think of all of it as one dense, destructive substance—but there are degrees. Some kinds of trash are worse than other kinds, and it is worth knowing which is which, as we hover in the mudroom of apocalypse. Read More >>

Glastonbury 2019 Bans Sale of Single-Use Plastic Bottles

The organisers of the Glastonbury festival have taken steps to make this year's horrific aftermath photos a little less grim, as it's managed to get all of its numerous suppliers and caterers to agree to end sales of water in single-use plastic bottles. Read More >>

Bread Bags Bravely Enlist to be Recycled for Greater Good

Millions of poor little bread bags have agreed to be gathered up and melted down in a touching act of self-sacrifice, thanks to a recycling initiative backed by sandwich kingpin Hovis. Read More >>

Aldi Puts the 5p Plastic Bags in the Bin

There's good news and bad news in dispatches from German front of the War on Plastic, with Aldi announcing it's to stop selling the basic 5p carriers in all branches. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're to be replaced by the sturdier but more expensive 9p options, made from in-house recycled plastic waste. So there will still be plastic bags, but they will be different. Read More >>

Waitrose Carrier Bags Have Paid For £1m Of Charity Projects

The 5p charge for a carrier bag might not seem like a lot, but evidently it adds up. Read More >>

Morrisons Is Going To Charge 20p For A Paper Bag

The PR war on plastic continues with the news that supermarket chain Morrisons is jacking up the prices of its reusable plastic bags to 15p, and introducing paper bags for 20p. Read More >>

Samsung Will Start Making the Switch to More Sustainable Packaging in 2019

Our plastic pollution problem is absolutely out of control. We know it’s bad, and the companies selling us shit know it’s bad. Samsung Electronics on Sunday announced that it will join a growing number of companies kicking plastic packaging as they shift toward more sustainable options. Read More >>

Tesco to Trial Refillable Packaging

Tesco is having a good week. Fresh from reducing the price of Freddos to their original value (temporarily, sob) and creating budget-friendly Valentine's meals, they've announced they'll be participating in a refillable packaging trial. Read More >>