Waitrose Promises Plastic-Free Christmas Crackers… For 2020

Waitrose and its non-food life partner John Lewis have come up with a plan to tackle a minuscule amount of the global plastic waste pile, by pledging to remove the plastic tat from their upmarket ranges Christmas crackers. But not this year. By 2020. It takes a while to source alternatives they say. Read More >>

Anti-Plastic Campaigners Turn on Halloween Junk

We ought to have a good think about how our Halloween fun-plans impact upon the environment this year, as the trend for putting children and the wackier of the nation's adults in massive costumes inevitably results in huge amounts of binned plastic waste. And no one's even going to pretend you can unpick and recycle the various elements of an ASDA Frozen princess costume. Read More >>

Lego Makes it Easier to Donate Old Bricks to Charity

It's no secret we love Lego here at Giz UK. You can build voice-controlled robots with them, recreate your favourite scenes from Star Wars and even make your own custom minifigure. But one thing you can't do, because of the type of plastic they are made from, is recycle them easily. Read More >>

Washing Machine Scientists Recommend a Cold Express to Minimise Sea Plastification

The best way to stop your exotic collection of Mountain Warehouse fleeces shedding millions of plastic particles each time they go through the wash is by using less water, with researchers discovering it's the quantity of water run through a machine that determines how many micro-strands of navy blue polyester enter the waste water system. Read More >>

Burger King Removes 320 Tonnes of Plastic Toys From Kids’ Meals

Burger King UK is launching The Meltdown – but no, you don't eat it. It's not cheese that's melting, it's plastic. And you don't eat that, at least not on purpose. The Meltdown campaign is part of a multi-pronged attack on plastic that's seeing the chain bin all plastic toy promotions across the UK network for good, and to celebrate, it's asking customers to bring in their unwanted plastic junk for recycling. Read More >>

Plastics Could Mark the Start of a Geological Era

Take a look into the geological record, and you might just find...plastic? Read More >>

Morrisons Tests 30p Plastic Bag Price Rise

Morrisons is about to enrage the people who get enraged about plastic bags so much that they have to breathe into one for a while to calm down, with a trial in some stores seeing the cost of a disposable carrier upped to 30p. That'll surely make it one of the chain's most profitable items. Influencers will want to be seen with the aspirational shopping transport solution. Read More >>

Lidl is Selling Reusable Bags for Your Fruit and Veg to Help Cut Down on Plastic Waste

Lidl is joining its supermarket brethren in the fight to reduce plastic waste with reusable fruit and veg bags that are too adorable to pass up. Read More >>

McDonald’s Admits its Paper Straws Can’t be Recycled

McDonald's has been accused of scamming the nation with its environmentally friendly new paper straws, as it's emerged that the controversial new straws can't be recycled and staff have been told to put them directly into the bins. Whereas the old plastic drinks tubes could be recycled and may therefore have been better the for environment all along. What a chewed-up cardboard mess it has made of the whole situation. Read More >>

Waitrose is Rolling Out its Packaging Free Trial Into More Stores so Grab a Box and Get Down There

Waitrose has announced that its Unpacked trial program that saw it ditch plastic packaging for loose produce and vending machines was a success and is coming to additional stores. Read More >>

Marks and Spencer is Giving You Money off Your Lunch if You Remember to Bring Your Own Container

Bravo, Marks and Spencer, for rewarding its customers rather than punishing them for corporate decisions they've had absolutely jack all to do with. Read More >>

3M Reinvents Bubble Wrap, Promises to Reduce Shipping Materials By Half

Despite repeatedly being called out for the practice, online stores like Amazon are still occasionally getting caught shipping tiny items in comically oversized boxes. It’s wasteful, it reduces the amount of cargo a truck can carry, and it inspired 3M to redesign bubble wrap to greatly reduce the packaging needed to ship smaller items. Read More >>

War on Plastic Turns to Little Bottles of Hotel Shampoo

The owner of the Holiday Inn chain of hotels has decided to mildly inconvenience itself and its guests by removing one commonplace form of single-use plastic: the beloved miniature hotel shower gel bottle, the little shampoo bottle, and the tiny portion of conditioner provided in posher premises. They're to go, replaced by refillable dispensers that could themselves disappear in a distant future when we've been reeducated into bringing our own soap with us on holiday. Read More >>

Did Nike Not Get the Memo on Plastic Beads?

For the longest time, pockets of nothing but air were Nike’s secret to making comfortable shoes. But today the company revealed its new Joyride technology, which instead fills shoe soles with thousands of tiny foam beads. Nike promises the new design increases shock absorption, but the new design comes at a time when beads and plastic pollution are an ever-growing concern. Read More >>

Iceland Boss Says the Supermarket’s Plastic-Free Banana Trial Did Not Go Smoothie

Iceland's plastic-free packaging trials have not gone down as well with its customers as it would have liked, and the supermarket is bringing back plastic. Read More >>