Glastonbury Could Ban Plastic Bottles in 2019

The organiser of the Glastonbury festival, which is having a year off this year for the sake of the grass, says that one of the pet projects being worked on right now is a possible ban on all plastic bottles in time for the event's return in 2019. Read More >>

BBC Pledges to Ban Single-Use Plastic by 2020

The BBC is putting its money where the mouth of a leatherback turtle is, and has announced a plan to remove all single-use plastics from its operations by 2020. Read More >>

Co-op Plans to Detoxify the Tea Bag

One amazing fact favoured by lots of people is that tea bags aren't as innocently papery and leafy as they appear. The vast majority of them have little plastic skeletons inside them, formed by bonding the bags  together and designed to give them the strength to survive a vigorous spooning. Read More >>

New Scheme Wants Free Water For Everyone by 2021

In a bid to cut down on plastic waste, industry body Water UK wants to see free water refill points in all major towns and cities across the UK by 2021. If you're thirsty while you're out and about, forget popping into Tesco Express to pick up a plastic bottle filled with cola; instead, fill up your own reusable bottle with some free water. Read More >>

Blue Planet II Fuels Reusable Coffee Cup Guilt-Buying Spree

Frontline consumer bellwether Argos claims to have spotted a hot new trend emerging from the chaos of Christmas 2017, with sales of one particularly bearably designed disposable coffee cup rocketing by 537 per cent over recent weeks. Read More >>

Supermarkets Back Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

Greenpeace has been troubling the UK supermarkets for their opinions on whether or not a Scottish/English/Welsh or UK-wide plastic bottle scheme would have their support, and a couple of them committed to the idea with an unequivocal yes. Read More >>

Government Opens Consultation on Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

The UK government wants your opinions about whether or not a deposit scheme for plastic bottles would be a good idea or not, as it considers options to stop the country joining mainland Europe because we're filling the channel with Diet Coke bottles. Read More >>

Fish Are Eating Small Bits of Plastic Because It Smells Delicious

Each year, our civilisation pours around eight million tons of plastic into the ocean, a portion of which ends up in the bellies of fish, and by consequence, our dinner plates. New research suggests that at least one species of fish isn’t ingesting this plastic debris by chance—they’re actually attracted to the smell. Read More >>

Paying 10p For a Posh Carrier Bag Revulses Tesco Customers into Change

Tesco is about to bin the cheap 5p plastic bag option it currently offers, meaning only the posher, thicker, Bag for Life choice will remain for people who didn't bring a big enough rucksack for their crisps and cheese. Read More >>

We Want Plastic-Free Food Choices Say UK Shoppers

Here's an idea that suddenly seems amazing, even though it's the way things used to be done -- give us food shopping choices that don't involve plastic. Stop filling out precious little bin spaces with that scrunchy wrap that tries to reassure us of the cleanliness of everything. Get a man to put our tomatoes in a paper bag like it's 1953. Read More >>

The Staggering Amount of Plastic We’ve Produced—And What We’ve Done With It

Scientists have calculated the total amount of plastic ever made. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. But what’s even more disturbing is where all this plastic is ending up. Read More >>

Demand Free Water to End Plastic Pollution

We are apparently all too polite and embarrassed to be seen as poor freeloaders to ask for tap water in pubs and restaurants, hence we pay way too much money for bottled water, with the empty plastic vessels then embarking on a one-way mission into the stomach of a sea lion or whale. Read More >>

This Caterpillar Can Eat Plastic Shopping Bags

In a chance discovery, a European research team has learned that a common insect larva is capable of breaking down the plastic found in shopping bags and other polyethylene-based products. This rubbish-munching caterpillar could inspire scientists to develop a new chemical process to tackle the growing problem of plastic waste. Read More >>

Britvic Has a Wooden Drinks Bottle in Development

Drinks manufacturer and bottler to the stars of the fizzy pop world Britvic has an idea that could save the world from gradual plasticisation and the death of the sea -- a wooden drinks bottle. You could just throw it on the floor when you're done having your 20 teaspoons of sugar. Read More >>

Supermarkets May Introduce “Plastic-Free” Aisles

Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, and every year, 8 million tonnes end up in the ocean. You've probably seen the adverts and the documentaries: dead sea-birds cut open to reveal loads of tiny pieces of plastic in their stomachs, seals with six-pack rings around their necks, and that huge floating trash island in the Pacific. Read More >>