We Still Have a Shot to Save Ourselves From Plastic Doom

The world is on track to triple the amount of plastic we dump into the ocean in just two decades. But if civic and business leaders get their shit together to curb the global plastics crisis, we could reduce that rate by 80%, according to two new reports on Thursday. Read More >>

The Thames is Polluted Once Again

The good news about the post-industrial cleaning up of the Thames is about to come to a crashing halt, as the river's now been revealed as one of the most polluted in Europe; courtesy of the new modern evil that is plastic, and it's evil son microplastic. Read More >>

Johnnie Walker Will Soon Come in Paper Bottles, but Let’s Not Cheers to That Just Yet

When future civilisations look back at the geological record, one product will stand out dramatically from this time period - plastic. In an effort to stem the rising tide of plastic pollution just a bit, a top-selling whiskey will soon come in paper bottles. Don’t get excited just yet, though. Read More >>

PG Tips Tipped to be First Tea Brand to Ditch Plastic

PG Tips says its products will be entirely plastic-free by the middle of next year. Read More >>

The Lie Behind Plastic Pollution is That We’re Responsible

In the midst of a mounting plastic crisis, the biggest plastic polluters keep pushing better consumer recycling behaviors as the solution. The plastic waste problem is not going to be solved by doubling down on our efforts to educate the public to recycle better. It can be solved by policies that prevent hard-to-recycle items from ever being created and requiring producers to take responsibility for the waste their products become. Read More >>

Coronavirus Could Change Our Relationship With Waste

The coronavirus caused Lauren Singer to do something she hasn’t done in eight years: she created waste. Read More >>

Coronavirus Has Me Thinking Way Too Much About My Bar Soap

When it comes to reducing plastic, I’ve still got a lot of work to do. But I’m working on it. The coronavirus pandemic, however, given me pause for thought about one of my improvements: my bar soap. Read More >>

This New Species Is Named After the Plastic Inside It

Some species are named after beloved teen activists or Lady Gaga. Others are named after plastic. Before science even discovered this deep-sea crustacean, plastic had infiltrated its stomach. So scientists named it accordingly. Meet Eurythenes plasticus. Read More >>

Just Opening a Plastic Bottle Can Send Microplastic Pollution Into the Air

Coronavirus is Earth-shatteringly scary, and social distancing sucks. To distract myself and pull my brain out of the depths of speculative despair, I’ve been drinking a ton of seltzer, mostly from plastic bottles. I know that’s bad because plastic is an environmental nightmare, but seltzer water gives me more pleasure than many other things in life, so I keep doing it. Well, surprise! My plastic-bottled-seltzer habit may be even worse than previously thought, because of our good friend microplastic pollution. Read More >>

A Plastic Tax is On the Way for Retailers Who Won’t Ditch Plastic Packaging

The UK is still hurtling towards its net zero 2050 target, which seems just as implausible now as it did when Theresa May first suggested it on her way out of office, but in an effort to make it happen, the government is turning the screws on retailers. Read More >>

New Study Shows Sea Turtles Eat Plastic Because It Smells Like Food

There have been more than enough horrific viral videos of the turtles with straws stuck in their noses to show that plastic is a threat to them (I’ll spare you by not linking them). Studies have found that every minute, the equivalent of one dump truckload of plastic gets into the ocean, and researchers estimate every species of sea turtle in the world is full of microplastic. Eating all that plastic is often fatal. Read More >>

Coke, Pepsi and Other Big Brands are Being Sued for Contributing to the Plastic Crisis

Some of the world’s biggest food, beverage and consumer goods companies are being sued for their contributions to plastic pollution. Read More >>

Many Plastics Aren’t Actually Recyclable, A New Report Shows

Companies say that a lot of single-use plastic items are recyclable: cups, trays, lids, cutlery, straws, stirrers. But it turns out those claims are misleading. Read More >>

Tesco Frees the Baked Beans Multipack from Plastic Wrap

Tesco's food packaging scientists have come up with a new method of holding four cans together – the power of the mind. Instead of holding four cans of beans together with plastic, it'll only sell tins individually from now on, encouraging users to buy four of them for a discount via signs and whatnot instead. Who decided beans should only be bought four at a time anyway? Read More >>

Coke’s Reason For Not Ditching Single-Use Plastic Is Bullshit

Public concern about the climate and plastic crises is surging, and more and more brands are developing more sustainable business practices to cash in on said concern. But not Coca-Cola, which is doubling down and blaming consumers for its choice. Read More >>