Morrisons Will Let You Reverse-Vend Your Way to Riches

The thrilling opportunity to use a reverse-vend machine and see your plastic bottles magically sucked away is coming to Morrisons, with the supermarket launching a trial of the bottle-eating machines in a handful of branches. Read More >>

Hope You Remembered to Stock up on Microbeads

If you have come to rely on the soothing, massaging sensation that is scrubbing yourself with microbead-containing beauty products, today is a sad day – products containing them are now banned from sale in the UK. Read More >>

A Paper Straw Factory Is Opening Up in Britain Before a Planned UK Single-Use Plastics Ban

The first paper straw factory in the “last several decades” in Britain is planning to launch in Wales as fast-food chains prepare for a planned ban on single-use plastic products throughout the UK, the Guardian reported, with some chains already preparing their own plans to phase out plastic in favour of paper. Read More >>

Tonnes of Our Carefully Collected Plastic Recycling is Burned or Buried in Vietnam

That yogurt pot you carefully scrutinised to see if it was recyclable or not? Could well be on fire in Vietnam right now, or being rolled into the ground in a landfill in Malaysia, because we don't have the capacity to recycle all of our plastic waste; so much of it is dumped overseas instead where... corners may be cut. Read More >>

Pilot Whale Dies in Thailand After Being Found With 17 Pounds of Plastic Bags in Its Stomach

A male pilot whale struggled for five days to stay alive in Thailand near the Malaysian border after rescuers found it with 17 pounds of plastic bags in its stomach, the Washington Post reported on Sunday, but it ultimately succumbed to its illnesses. Read More >>

The EU is Planning a Ban on Single-Use Plastic Products

The European Commission is proposing a ban on around 10 single-use plastic items that it says account for approximately 70 per cent of all garbage in the European Union’s waters and beaches, including cutlery, straws, cotton buds, plates, some coffee cups, and stirrers, CNN Money reported on Monday. Read More >>

“Plastic Free” Stamp Coming to UK Supermarkets

You'll soon be able to buy a box of eggs and be 100 per cent certain that each egg isn't individually wrapped in plastic film inside, as a new "Plastic Free" packaging stamp is about to appear on the UK high street. Read More >>

Co-op Will Reverse-Vend Away Your Festival Detritus

Supermarket chain Co-op has an exciting new toy to try out this summer, when it'll be installing a reverse-vending machine on festival sites to test public appetite for a deposit-return plastic bottle recycling scheme. Read More >>

Brighton School Bans Plastic and Says Straws Are as Bad as Cigarettes

Brighton College is launching its own little standalone war on plastic, with its headteacher saying it's time to start punishing children for bringing single use plastics in as part of their packed lunches. Read More >>

The Government is Considering Banning Plastic Straws and Cotton Buds

The government has been working towards reducing the amount of plastic waste people in the UK produce, with a particular emphasis on single-use plastics that'll just end up in a landfill or as part of a turtles dinner. Now it's going to go after plastic straws and cotton buds, with a possible ban on the cards. Read More >>

Mutated Plastic-Munching Enzyme Accidentally Created During Lab Experiment

A couple of years ago, scientists discovered an enzyme in a waste recycling centre in Japan that digests plastic. During a recent experiment to understand how this enzyme works, scientists accidentally created a mutated version that breaks down plastic even better than the one found in nature. The discovery could go a long way in reducing plastic waste, particularly from water bottles. Read More >>

Study Claims British People Think Taxes Will Cut Plastic Pollution, But Don’t Actually Want to Pay Them

People have been going on about plastic pollution for quite some time, and David Attenborough's Blue Planet II really helped emphasise the problem to the general public. Now a study claims that a lot of British people believe supermarkets are to blame, and support taxes to penalise the ones that use non-recyclable packaging. Unsurprisingly people tend not to think they're the ones to blame and aren't so keen on fining households for not recycling properly. Read More >>

Selfridges Self-Bans Plastic Fizzy Drink Bottles

Posh shop Selfridges has taken the matter of ocean floor littering and food chain plasticising into its own hands, and has launched its own, bespoke, because-it-wants-to ban on the sale of fizzy drinks in plastic bottles. Read More >>

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Has Way More Crap Inside It Than We Thought

For years, scientists have been tracking a large accumulation of floating rubbish, mostly bits of plastic, in the north Pacific ocean called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” or the “trash vortex.” This region, according to the latest research, has more lost and discarded plastic inside it than previous surveys suggested—like, a lot more. And it’s still growing. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Going to Start Hiding the Straws

McDonald's has done that thing where it hears what you, the people, are saying. It has heard that the little people it feeds are getting fed up of seeing plastic everywhere, and it is therefore going to start its own war on plastic drinking straws. Read More >>