Apple, Google Both Hosting Saudi Government App That Lets Men Track Women, Restrict Their Travel

Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store both continue to host a Saudi government app, Absher, that allows men in the country to track their female relatives’ movements and restrict their travel. Read More >>

Google Yanks 29 Malicious Photo Apps From Play Store, But Not Before Millions of Downloads

Google yanked some 29 photo apps from the Play Store this week after they were discovered to have malicious code that pushes full-screen ads, steals information from users by tricking them into believing they have won a contest, and in some cases even lifted photos from devices to send to the malware designers behind the apps, Engadget reported this weekend. Read More >>

Please Don’t Download Fortnite for Android From Sketchy Places

When Fortnite developer Epic Games decided to skip the Google Play Store and asked players to install the newly released Android app from its website instead, the decision made a lot of sense financially. By cutting out Google, Epic could now retain 100 percent of the game’s profits on Android, rather than let Google take its traditional 30 per cent cut for apps hosted on Google Play. Read More >>

Here’s How to Get Fortnite on Your Android Phone

After months of waiting, Fortnite, the most popular game on the planet, is finally ready for its debut on Android. Unfortunately, when the news was first announced alongside the Galaxy Note 9's launch last week, there were a couple catches. Read More >>

Researchers Conclude Google’s Play Store Is Likely Chock Full of Apps That Improperly Track Children

Thousands of apps may be tracking the online activity of children in ways that violate US privacy laws, according to a recent survey of Android apps available on the Google Play store. Read More >>

Google’s 3D Sensing Tango Tablet Up On The Play Store

Project Tango, as we know, is a swathe prototype smart devices that can see in 3D. Although they're mostly aimed at developers, that's not stopping Google from putting the development kit tablet on the US Play Store, along with a $1,024 (just over £650) price tag – although it's not actually for sale quite yet. Read More >>

Primecast Disabled After Just 36 Hours of Life

Welp, that was pretty fast: just two days after springing into life on the Play Store, Primecast, a £3 app that put Amazon Instant Video-streaming capability onto your Chromecast, has ceased to be. Read More >>

Google’s Launching a Special Store Just for Project Ara Hardware

Everybody's favourite modular phone project, Google's Ara, is about to get little bit more interesting. Recently, the company quietly announced that it would be launching a hardware store for developers to sell their own Ara components. It'll be a little bit like the Play Store, except with hot-swappable hardware instead of apps. Read More >>

Report: Android’s Material Design Will Take a Rolling Pin to the Play Store

When Google introduced its Material Design manifesto to the world at I/O, it was made clear that it was only a matter of time before flat design took over the entire Googleverse — starting, it would seem, with the Play Store. Read More >>

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Sky’s Android Apps Are Back After Hacking Mess

After the Syrian Electronic Army sunk its teeth into Sky, forcing the Murdoch massive to remove its Android apps, they're back again, seemingly without any changes. Still, if you want Sky on the Go, you can download, err, Sky Go. The Android balance is restored. [Play Store via Twitter] Read More >>

Google Updates Play Store App Again, Adding App Data Sync and More

A new version of Google's Android app store and its associated services plugin is out there for your fiddling, adding an "App Data" sync option presumably in preparation for Google's anticipated Play Games service, further tweaking the design and some of the buttons and generally tidying up its appearance ahead of its starring role at Google I/O later today. You can download the updated Play Store app from this here link: [Slashgear] Read More >>

5 Best Facebook Home Alternatives for Android

Facebook Home, the social network's new user interface for Android, won't be available for download until April 12th. Even when it hits the Google Play Store, Home will only run on seven phones, one of which is the newly-released HTC First that has it preloaded. Fortunately, you can get a more immersive Facebook experience on your Android phone today with these apps. Read More >>

The Nexus 4 is Back in Stock

Yes, that's right, the Nexus 4, Google's famous unobtainable super-cheap smartphone, is once again available to buy from the Google Play Store in both 8 and 16GB varieties. Now go man* go! And then come back and tell us if you were successful/gloat about your success to those who weren't. You know you want to. [Google Play Store] Read More >>

LG Nexus 4
Nexus 4 “Sold Out” Again as Google UK Exec Offers “Unreserved Apology”

Nearly a month after first putting the Nexus 4 on sale Google is still suffering severe stock and PR problems, with the 16GB version of the phone joining the 8GB model in disappearing from sale again -- and Google's UK boss has been forced to apologise for the enormous mess. Read More >>

The UK’s Getting Screwed Out of Google’s Nexus 7 Magazines, Music and TV Shows

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the UK isn't going to get every wonderful thing Google showed off with its new Nexus 7 tablet. The UK simply won't get Google Play's fancy new library of magazines, music and TV shows. Read More >>