A High School in America Turned Alien into a Gigerific Stage Play

Generally speaking, creating unlicensed adaptations of film properties is frowned upon in local theater scenes. But sometimes, you get away with it by creating something super rad, which is what happened in the case of Alien: The Play, a full-length adaptation of Ridley Scott’s Alien helmed by Perfecto Cuervo, an English teacher at North Bergen High School in New Jersey USA alongside his student players. Read More >>

Lego Toys Becoming Excessively Violent, Says Study

Lego is once again being accused of ruining our children by encouraging violent play, with updated research finding that around 30 per cent of all modern Lego sets now come with some sort of shooting/stabbing implement in the box. Read More >>

Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music or Tidal: Which Streaming Service is the Greatest Privacy Abuser?

The new Spotify Ts & Cs appear to be taking some real liberties, requesting access to all manner of areas of your phone. So that got us thinking -- how much personal data do the big names in music streaming demand and is there therefore a "best" one when it comes to not having details of our lives stored on a potentially hackable remote server somewhere? Read More >>

Google Play Gift Cards on Their Way to Ireland

Android users in Ireland will soon be able to "gift" each other money to spend in Google's Play shop, with the pre-paid gift cards set to launch there soon according to an FAQ on Google's support pages.  [Google via Android Police] Read More >>

Offline Viewing Now Available on Google Movies and TV

Google Play Movies & TV now offers offline viewing on Chromebooks—handy, given the hardware's other shortcomings away from an internet connection. Read More >>

Google Play Movies and TV Finally Comes to iOS

First Google Play Books made its way to iOS. Then Google Play Music undertook the pilgrimage. So, it should be little surprise that today Google Play Movies and TV has finally made the jump. This is significant not just because it brings Google's formidable library of content to iOS, but because of the capabilities it finally bestows upon iPhone-using Chromecasters. Read More >>

Google Play Services for Android Updated

Google has given Google Play Services for Android a big update—adding turn-based multiplayer support, a preliminary Google Drive API, and improved battery life for all users who run Location Reporting. [Google] Read More >>

A Glimpse at Intel’s Future: Being Inside… Everything

Intel is known as a manufacturer of chips that power your laptop. Simple enough. But it wants—it needs—to be more if it wants to come along for the mobile, wearable, hybrid-fuelled world. Tonight, it gave insight into its ambitions. They're huge. Read More >>

how to
How to Make the Switch from iOS to Android

You've been hanging back, waffling back and forth. Android or iPhone? But it's decision time, and you've made the call: it's time to trade in the apple pie for some Kit Kats. Here's how to do it right. Read More >>

Genius New YouTube Feature Could Fix Your Browser’s Most Annoying Habit

YouTube just added a simply little feature you'll wonder how you ever lived without. YouTube tabs that are playing video now show a little play icon so you can tell which one of your bajillion tabs is making noise in the background. I'm so happy I could cry. Read More >>

Google’s Pre-Paid Android Gift Cards Priced for UK Launch

Google's been teasing us about its US-only Google Play gift cards for months, with a "redeem" page available for UK users since late last year -- but no cards to buy and actually redeem in any way. That may be about to change soon, with Google's support pages now specifying UK prices, revealing we'll be able to buy £10, £25 and £50 gift cards... at some point in the future. [Android Authority] Read More >>

Microsoft Sticking Xbox Live Arcade Games on Windows 8

Microsoft's gaming studio has implemented one of our wildest, most futuristic and joined-up tech dreams, by bringing a select few Xbox Live Arcade games to Windows 8 as part of its PLAY conversion attempt. Read More >>

Play Going out of business
Play’s Shutting Up Shop and Turning Into Ebay

That Jersey tax loophole that the government shut last year was essentially the life-blood of many a cheap DVD shop. Now's bitten the dust, as it can no longer sustain direct sales to the UK. It'll be reborn from the ashes to be a market place, just like Ebay or Amazon Market Place. Read More >>

Google UK (Sort of) Launches Magazine Sales on Google Play

Users idly browsing Google's Android Play app this morning saw a link to digital version of T3 magazine listed on the front page, with links inside its listing letting mag buyers view a decent list of other UK magazines. But you can't buy them yet. Read More >>

how to
How to Make the Switch from iOS to Android

You've been hanging back, waiting for the dust to settle around the iPhone 5 debut. Now that the reviews are in, you're out. It's time to trade in the Cupertino Kool-Aid for some Jelly Beans. Here's how to do it right. Read More >>