Get Trippy on Poker Night With These Glitch Playing Cards

I just love fancy playing cards. Not only do they make your games more fun, they also make you want to play cards more often, which is good and healthy if you're just playing for M&Ms like us. And GLITCH cards are very fancy. Read More >>

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Real Life Version of X-Men’s Gambit Blows Things up by Throwing Playing Cards

Growing up, I never wanted Cyclops' optic blast or Wolverine's adamantium claws or Magneto's power over magnetic fields, I wanted to throw cards like Gambit. I don't know if that makes me an unimaginative little kid who only dreamt about realistic powers but I do know I spent many summer days throwing cards at everything. Sadly, I never grew up to be like Gambit. This guy, comedian Javier Jarquin, did though. Watch him throw playing cards with incredible accuracy and enough strength to break glass. Read More >>

10 Playing Card Decks That Are Too Pretty For Your Poker Table

For graphic designers, playing cards are a playground: The simple constraints of four suits and thirteen different cards accommodate massses of creativity without overcomplicating things. And there's an amazing number of interesting decks out there. Read More >>

These Minimalist Cards Are Almost Too Pretty to Play With

Sometimes it's not what you include but what you exclude that matters—which is the idea behind this beautiful pack of playing cards by designer Joe Doucet. Read More >>

A Toy That Turns Your Playing Cards Into a TIE Fighter

E&M labs, which raised over £62,000 on Kickstarter last year for their Trebuchette, has built a new toy: Skallops. They're wooden clips that transform a regular deck of cards into a set of building blocks. Read More >>

Daily Desired: Typography Makes These Playing Cards Beautiful

You know what playing cards need? Better typography. Thus Heleviticards. The deck o'cards hasn't gotten a design upgrade this significant since the introduction of the nudie deck lord know when in the history of gambling and pornography. Read More >>