Peter Parker Meets New Friends and New Foes in the New Spider-Man Video Game Trailer

Yet another major villain is making their way into the life of Peter Parker in the already villain-packed upcoming Spider-Man PS4 video game. But it turns out Spidey’s ready to fight back against the oncoming rogues—in the form of a new pal named Miles Morales. Read More >>

BBC iPlayer Now Supports 4K on the PS4 Pro, Giving You Another Way to Watch the World Cup in Higher Res

It's a big time for 4K streaming on the BBC, since it's promised to stream all of its World Cup matches in 4K HDR. Well now it's just updated the iPlayer app for the PlayStation 4, meaning PS4 Pro owners can now watch the BBC's 4K content on their console. Assuming, of course, they have a 4K TV. Read More >>

The Opening of Detroit: Become Human Is Some Dumb-Butt Science Fiction

The concerns at the heart of Detroit: Become Human are readily apparent almost from the very start: the existential crisis faced by androids that look and behave like people but are treated like things. But its lofty ambitions get hamstrung at the very start by some incredibly heavy-handed moments of shlock. Read More >>

This New PS4 Controller is Riffing Hard on Microsoft’s Super Customisable Controller in a Very Good Way

One of the best controllers you can get for your PC or Xbox is the super customisable Microsoft Elite, but if you’re a PS4 fan you’ll have to go to third party peripheral maker Scuf to get any kind of customisation. We’ve liked Scufs PS4 controllers in the past quite a bit, but its latest PS4 controller, the Vantage, throws out the PS4 design to create a hybrid even Microsoft would be proud of. Read More >>

Sony Will Give a Free PS4 or PSVR to Anyone Pre-Ordering an Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact

If you needed a reason to buy yourself Sony's latest mobile offering, whether it's the XZ2 or its Compact sibling, Sony's just offered something that might make the decision quite a bit easier. It's offering a free PS4 or PSVR Headset to anyone who pre-orders either phone. Read More >>

The New Spider-Man Game’s Peter Parker Looks… Off

Next year, Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man video game wants to dazzle us all with shiny graphics, a wild new websuit design, and at long last, the promise of “The best Spider-Man video game that isn’t the Spider-Man 2 movie game.” But in its new trailer, it also shows us a very iffy-looking Peter Parker. Read More >>

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Sony is Taking the PSVR on Tour to Try and Add Them to Everyone’s Christmas List

Last Christmas the PSVR was in very high demand, which took a lot of people by surprise for some reason. This year Sony is no doubt hoping that the situation is pretty similar, but just in case everyone had forgotten the PSVR is a thing it's taking the headset on a tour of the UK. Read More >>

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There’s a New PSVR Headset Coming, But the Updates are Minor

It's been nearly a year since the PSVR first hit shop shelves, and Sony is marking that occasion (intentionally or not) with a slightly updated version of the headset. After all if HTC can release a Vive with minor upgrades, why can't Sony? Read More >>

This is Not a Drill: Sony is Bringing Back Clear Controllers

There are three new special edition controllers coming for the PS4 - and they are all clear. Read More >>

PlayStation Now Adds PS4 Games To The Subscription Service

Sony's PlayStation Now is the company's £12.99 per month subscription service which allows you to play older PS3 games on a PC or PS4. As of today that's changed, because PS Now will feature 50 PS4 games, with more coming in the future. Read More >>

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The Best PlayStation VR Games You Can Buy Right Now

After much hype, the PlayStation VR headset is finally here - opening up a real VR experience for quite a bit less money than what Oculus and HTC/Valve have on offer. We've already reviewed the PS VR, and loved it, so now that it's finally out you might be wondering which games you should get. Well here are the best games the PS VR has to offer. Read More >>

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10 Must-Have PlayStation 4 Games of 2016

2016 has been a good year for games. For PS4 owners at least, just the fact that Uncharted 4 was finally released is probably enough to cement it in the annals of time. Read More >>

Here Are Some Of The Highlights From PSX

The Playstation Experience just wrapped up in Anaheim, California, with a huge list of new games, re-releases, remasters and sequels. If you're looking to catch up, here's what you might have missed: Read More >>

Playstation VR Review: This is the VR System You Actually Want

I was slotting my grappling gun back into place on my belt when it became clear to me that Playstation VR isn’t just really good VR. Playstation VR is the first virtual reality any regular person should bother with. More than the fantastic gaming experience you get with Sony’s new system, I was floored by how easy it was for me to go from watching a TV show to popping on the headset and turning on Batman Arkham: VR. Playstation VR is VR for people who don’t care about having the best system in the world; they just want to have a good damn experience. It’s actually fun, which despite the lofty ideas spouted by technologists is what playing games is all about. Read More >>

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Here’s Everything You’ll Get in the PS VR’s Core Bundle

We are now officially less than two weeks away from the launch of the PlayStation VR. To start getting people really HYPED, Sony has gone and released an unboxing video showing off everything you'll get in the core bundle. Read More >>