Sony Fixing PS3s Bricked by Recent Firmware Update on June 27th

The handful of PS3s that were rendered unusable by a dodgy official firmware upgrade should be functional again by the end of the week, thanks to a reworked software upgrade Sony will have ready for launch in a few days. The pulled 4.45 firmware crippled some PS3s by removing the XMB system interface. You'll soon be happy again if it bonked yours. [Sony via Techradar] Read More >>

After Five Years of Hurt, There Are Finally More PS3s In the World Than Xbox 360s

Microsoft got off to a flyer this console generation, with a delayed PS3 launch and a joke machine from Nintendo handing it the serious home market for a few easy years. But PS3 has finally, inevitably, edged into the lead on a global basis. Read More >>

Smaller/Flash/Sliding Door PS3 Launching From September 28th

The super-slim top-loading PS3 redesign that was leaked earlier in the summer has just been officially announced by Sony, which is bringing several versions of its PS3 Even Slimmer model to the UK from September 28th. Read More >>

Hacker Claims PS3 “Debug” Conversion Victory

A new PS3 hack is claiming to turn retail versions of Sony's gaming machines into developer debug models, which would have the magical and very desirable ability to run unsigned code. The piracy disc tray has just slid open. Read More >>