CES 2020: Plex Is Making Itself Impossible to Ignore as a Go-To Streaming Service

CES may be all about gadgets, but this year’s event is jam-packed with news from streaming services looking to muscle their way into the fray. Plex is one of them. Read More >>

Plex Now Offering Over a Thousand Movies on Demand and For Free

Plex, the build-your-own-Netflix software suite, is adding over a thousand movies to the service for free. Films like The Terminator, Ghost in the Shell, and The Right Stuff will be available on demand for anyone who downloads the app to their device. Sort of like Netflix, only free. The news was announced on Wednesday in a blog post on the Plex website. Read More >>

How to Put Limits on Your Binge Watching and Get Your Life Back

Having more movies and TV shows than you’re ever going to be able to watch in your lifetime all available at the click of a button is quite a treat, you might think. But if you’re starting to regularly see your evenings and weekends get sucked into binge-watching black holes, perhaps it’s time to pull back a little, and these tips can help. Read More >>

How to Download Everything from Your Favourite Streaming Services

Don’t let a long flight or a loss of signal get in the way of your music and video streaming: Just about all the popular services let you cache downloads for offline use, and Netflix just upgraded its download mechanism to be smarter—downloading the next episode of shows you are watching and automatically deleting the old ones. Here’s how to take advantage of it, and find the features in all the other streaming services you use too. Read More >>

Plex’s Kodi Add-on is Now Free for Everyone to Use

If you wanted to use the Plex Media Server inside Kodi, and get the best of both services in the process, you used to need a Plex Plus subscription. Now, though, that's changed, because Plex's Kodi add-on is freely available to everyone. Read More >>

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How to Build the Ultimate Movie and Music Server

If you’re like me, you’ve got hundreds of gigabytes of digital media files, everything from movies, to music, to TV shows, stored across portable hard drives, old laptops, and various PCs. Wouldn’t it be great if all of that media could live in one place and be able to be easily accessed by your other computers and smart devices? With the right apps and a network attached storage device, you can do just that. Read More >>

How to Build Your Own Private Netflix

Movies and TV shows come and go on Netflix on a regular basis, which means you might be half way through your favourite flick when it gets yanked from the service. The solution? Buy all your own content and set up your own private cloud-based streaming service you can get at from any computer or device. Read More >>

The Best Video Player You Can Use Finally Gets DVR Support

If you’ve got a lot of movie and TV files floating around your computer you’re doing a disservice to your free time by not installing Plex. It’s a gamechanger app that lets you instantly stream all your media to any phone, computer, or TV in your vicinity. Read More >>

Nine Free Web Apps to Replace Your Desktop Software

A few years ago, trying to move to an online-only existence wasn’t a practical option, but now long-serving web apps have grown more powerful and you can now do almost everything in a browser that you can do on the desktop (albeit in more limited form). Here’s our current picks for the best online apps out there. Read More >>

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Six Reasons to Use Plex to Create Your Own Personal Netflix

Plex is a free software package for your computer that lets you stream your local movie or music files to other devices free of charge. Read More >>

Plex for PS4 Streams Your Dodgy Downloads to Sony’s Console

Plex, the go-to networked movie streaming service for the serial dodgy downloader, is now available as an app on the PlayStation 3 and PS4. Read More >>

Plex for Xbox One Makes it Easy to Stream Your (Pirated) Video to the TV

Following millions of user requests, Plex is finally launching Plex for Xbox. The popular media-streaming app is already available on a wide variety of platforms, it will soon be the easiest way to blast local (and pirated) content from your laptop or elsewhere onto your Xbox. The catch is that for the time being you need to be a Plex Pass subscriber to use the app. A subscription which costs $5/£3 per month, $50/£31 per year, or $150/£94 per lifetime. Read More >>