What’s Up with Characters Drinking Milk in Films?

It’s not a glass of whiskey, and it’s certainly not a martini that’s shaken, not stirred. But there is something surprisingly cinematic about a character drinking a glass of milk in films. Read More >>

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Proof That Every Story Is the Same as Every Other Damn Story

It’s not exactly a shiny new concept that stories get recycled and retold, or that movies borrow liberally and sometimes steal from other movies, or that people like watching and hearing the same thing over and over again. But this video, by Will Schoder, illustrates just how similar the stories are to each other. They all essentially descend from order to chaos and from stasis to change. Read More >>

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Man Jailed For Making ‘Force Awakens’ Spoiler Death Threats

A US -- where else? -- man is currently in jail because of Star Wars, and how it all became a little bit too much for one person who encountered a potential plot spoiler online. Read More >>

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10 Movies Hiding Spoilers in Plain Sight

The process in question here is technically called foreshadowing, but they're effectively plot spoilers, and they become obvious when you watch a film for a second time. Read More >>

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10 Films That Had the Same Plot as Other Flicks

Hollywood is hardly original. Films pay homage and crib ideas from movies that came before them all the time. But there are certain motion pictures that are basically carbon copies of others that came out around the same time. It’s seemingly the result of competing studios trying to tackle the same plot. It's great when you see it all laid out like in ScreenRant's latest video. Read More >>

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Leia Promoted from Hereditary Royal to Military Leader in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It seems that despite wanting to keep as much of the film as secret as possible, director JJ Abrams can't help spouting off about the new Star Wars -- with a new interview with the bombastic director telling us secret things about Leia's role in the new film. Read More >>