Overcrowded British Graveyards are Starting to Look Like Minecraft

A uniquely modern solution to the problem of people dying all the time has been put forward, suggesting that graveyard congestion could be solved by racking up bodies in a stacking system -- creating multi storey underground burial plots. Read More >>

New Star Wars VII Plot Spoilers Suggest [Spoilers]

A new set of rumours regarding the plot of 2015's blockbuster return to the far-away Star Wars universe have appeared, with moles, or people pretending to be moles, claiming to know all about who the bad people with the black clothes and angry background music will be. Read More >>

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Star Wars VII Plot Spoilers May Reveal Opening Scenes and Story Arc

Don't read this if you're 43-years-old and these new films mean more to you than the health of your children. It may be lies, but it may, just may, be the plot of the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Read More >>

Black-Clad “Jedi Hunters” May be the Baddies in Star Wars: Episode VII

Rumours from people supposedly close to the set and/or making of the next Star Wars film claim to have named the "baddies" of the piece, suggesting the plot revolves around "Jedi Hunters" that have made it their business to hunt down the previous films' heroes. Read More >>

Sherlock Creators Have Mapped Out Series 4 and 5 of the Crime Show

If there's about to be a massive hole in you life after the end of series three of the BBC's revitalised Sherlock adaptation this weekend, worry not. Show creators  Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss claim to have already mapped out their plots for series four and five of the show. And, as well they might, they claim they're pretty decent. Read More >>