Someone Created a MagSafe Connector For the Rest of the Plugs In Your Home

As much as USB-C is a vast improvement over the USB connectors of yesteryear, we’re still bummed that it replaced the MagSafe connector on the recent generation of Apple’s MacBooks. We’re not getting any less clumsy, but these magnetic breakaway plug adaptors look like they could ease the fear of tripping over our other power cables. Read More >>

In a Perfect World, Every USB Plug Would Also be a USB Port

If those nesting USB plugs look familiar, you've been reading Gizmodo for a long time. Back in 2010, the stackable USB plug wasn't much more than a big-spoon/little-spoon concept, but now it's almost real — by which we mean it's on Kickstarter. Read More >>

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This is Why British Plugs are the Best in the World (Until You Stand on Them)

The humble plug -- it brings power to everything from your kettle to your tablet, but do we really ever give it the praise it deserves? And, more pertinently, shouldn't we be singing from the hiltops how great the British standard plug is, in particular? While it's best to stay, ahem, grounded, sometimes British stuff really is just the best. Read More >>