Cuddle Up With Plush Versions of Andy Warhol’s Most Famous Artworks

Unless you’ve got hundreds of millions of pounds burning a hole in your pocket, or fancy yourself a Thomas Crown-esque art thief, you’re never going to own an Andy Warhol original. You can, however, grab these plush recreations of some of the pop artist’s most famous artworks from Kidrobot and cosy up with a masterpiece. Read More >>

Someone Turned Nature’s Most Bizarre Creature into an Adorable Plush Toy

If you haven’t read up on tardigrades, or “water bears” as they’re more commonly known, take a few minutes and familiarise yourself with the microscopic creatures that are nearly indestructible. Then you’ll understand why you must own this adorable stuffed version. Read More >>

Star Trek Phaser and Tricorder Pillows Keep the Aliens Under Your Bed at Bay

Star Trek fans who refuse to acknowledge the superiority of The Next Generation, or the fact that there aren’t really any monsters under their beds, will want to upgrade their bedroom pillows to these plush phasers and tricorders that help ensure a better — and safer — night’s sleep. Read More >>